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John of God Spiritual "Entities"

For those who believe, no words are necessary; for those who do not believe, no words are possible.

Dom Inacio de


The Entities, also known as “Spirit Doctors,” take turns inhabiting John of God’s body to perform miraculous cures and unconventional surgeries (i.e. from scraping an eyeball with a knife without anesthesia to pushing cotton-swabbed forceps up the sinus cavity.)

Who are they?

It is estimated that more than 70 Entities work through Medium Joao including St. Ignatius of Loyola (the founder of the Jesuit order), Dr. Oswaldo Cruz (credited with stopping the epidemics of bubonic plague and yellow fever in Brazil), an enlightened being named Emmanuel, and other deceased physicians, surgeons, saints, theologians and notable figures in their lifetimes.

Some of the entities have chosen not to reveal their identity. One particular entity has asked to merely be called ‘Love’ explaining, “If I told you my real name, there would not be a building large enough in this town to accommodate all the people from around the world who would come.”

These “spirit doctors” are actually people who lived on earth and now, by choice, remain on the earthly plane dedicating their out-of-body existence and clear connections to the Divine to healing mankind. In the truest sense, these multi-dimensional healers are the original ‘Doctors without Borders.’

How they work?

Before any intervention, the entities scan a person on multiple levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual as well as their chakras, energy fields, and past lives – as their overarching goal is to initiate whatever change would best support the desire of that person’s soul. (Sometimes what your soul has contracted before birth is different from what your personality wants in a particular moment!) The entities always work on behalf of a person’s best and highest good, regardless of what the outcome looks like (changing careers, divorce, relocation, etc.)

Each Entity is Unique

Interestingly enough, besides an entity incorporating with medical expertise or spiritual knowledge through John of God, it also voices its own unique personality and personal requests. For example, one of the entities asks that wristwatches be removed as it disturbs his spiritual current, another changes the eye color of João, another walks with a severe limp, and yet another loves the smell of roses.

These Doctors Make House Calls

In addition to in-person encounters, the entities are also known to perform remote spiritual surgeries and visitations. Some individuals have experienced healing from merely watching a video of John of God, reading his story, a Crystal Healing Bed session or while enroute to the Casa in Brazil.

There are numerous stories of the entities working on individuals long before they ever arrive in Brazil. A staff member at the Casa in Brazil explains, “The entities send their energy to all who ask for their help.”

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