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Crystal Bed Testimonials

Crystal Energy Healer Toronto"If you are unable to get to Brazil to see John Of God I recommend you at least try the crystal bed, his energy is passed through the crystals & the healing energy is phenomenal"  - Sharon Walsh

 "Its unlike an other form of energy healing - this is the real thing- you can feel things working through you, which may sound a bit weird but there is some energetic force at work here, I've noticed a spiritual change since being on the crystal bed and a loss of fear and a profound connection with source, it is again simply amazing." John 

Emotional problems

 "The crystal bed works in an interesting way, I never realized I had these emotions bottled up inside me, things really were brought to the surface which I have never been able to express really, I was unaware I was holding onto so much over the years and I am feeling much better for letting go of my sadness." Joanne 

Chronic Fatigue
"The crystal bed is great for my CFS, I kind of pass out when I go on it and when I get off I am fully recharged, I have had 5 sessions and Ii would say I am already 50% better now" Lesley 

Surgery Recovery
"After radiotherapy I have had a few session of the crystal bed, I have recovered much quickly than the doctors expected, I suggests it is a good complementary therapy to use if you are recovering from any surgery." Alexandria

IBS, Stress
"The crystal bed is really calming, I do notice physical sensations and there is obviously something going on there that is beneficial to my health. I feel alot calmer, I come out in a deep meditative state and overall I am less worried about my health problems now." Anne

Chronic Fatigue
“The crystal bed is so powerful, I have had 2 invisible operations while on the crystal bed, I notice alot of heat and prickling around my stomach, then I noticed a tingling sensation - alot happened for sure." Julie

Arthritis, Stress

"When I went for my first session I knew nothing about the Crystal Bed...just that the crystals were positioned so that the light would shine on the Chakras. I purposely did not research it because I wanted to be able to have an unbiased experience. Well after my first session, I was "blown away" at the power that the crystals can awaken. As I lay on the table I felt this incredible strong pressure on my forehead I describe as activating my third eye. My base Chakra was also activated as it felt like I had very strong menstrual cramp and I am long past those years. I also have arthritis in my knees and I felt my left knee getting hotter & hotter  like I had a heating lamp 2 inches away from it. My whole body inside felt like fluid of warm energy flowing throughout it. It was quite a unique experience & hope to further the awakening of my Chakras." Lilian White

Anxiety, Emotional Stress
"My first experience I was skeptical but what I felt was an amazing feeling, the first 10 minutes were probably the most intense feelings, I felt tingly sensations all over my body and then I started to feel emotional and my eyes started to water a bit. I felt I was releasing a bunch of stress and tension all throughout my body because recently I have been suffering from anxiety. I also felt a lot of warmth around my heart chakra like it was trying to heal emotionally and spiritually. Then I felt my body was uplifted and I was so relaxed with the music, I felt at peace. After my 30 minute session I felt very relaxed and peaceful and I slept very well that night and this is a huge challenge for me to get some sleep because I also suffer from insomnia. I was very pleased with the experience and I am looking forward to my next session." Kristen Dileo

Digestive Issues, Emotional Stress
"My experience of the session was extremely peaceful....with sensations of energy through my hands and all parts of my body. The process of meditation was very easy throughout the entire session, and the
remainder of the day. I felt relaxed and very much in the present moment."
Lily Eslahjou

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