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Ionic Detox Footbath Machines Explained

Red China, Prison Labor and Scrap Metal

Recently a whole new crop of systems made in Communist China using Prison Labor and ring water modules has sprung up. Their water modules are made from Scrap Metal imported from US. Even if you have no problem buying something made with slave labor, in factories owned by the Red Army, or made with scrap metal, using obsolete Ion generators (rings), there are other reasons buying those systems is a bad investment of your money.

Why Don't these systems use more power?

Because they can't.  The arrays burn out in less than 5 treatments! They are just too shoddy and do not have enough mass in them to get substantial results. They WILL cause Endorphins in the brain to be released which causes a slight feeling of euphoria, but not much detox takes place!

Also, given the Chinese systems all use the same logic boards, producing systems with more power would cost more to manufacture. Why spend more money if they can sell them as they are, to unsuspecting Americans?

The sad truth is that MOST Detox systems on the market today have LESS POWER than a 10 year old LAPTOP  NOTEBOOK used!

They make people feel good DURING the treatment session, but do little Detoxing or Healing.

There are many “Ionic Detox Foot Spas” on the market and they fall into two main categories:

  1.Low Power Units, mostly from China, which are not BEFE capable.

 The first category includes several different ‘brands’ all using the same logic board manufactured in Shenzhen, China selling generally for under $200, which do not have enough power to provide BEFE benefit. Those systems have variable DC current output of 10-14 volts with 1.7 to 2.1 amps of power output. They also usually come with MP3 Players, which provide electrical interference with the detox frequencies needed.

Those units require a wrist strap and/or fir belt be used. That is due to their low Digital Power. Our bodies are Analog and do not freely pull in Digital Frequency Power with low power units. To get their energy into the body, these units must GROUND THE MACHINE TO THE BODY. This is a revelation too many who own those systems due to that concept being potentially unsafe.

2. More powerful Professional Units which are BEFE capable.

The second category includes systems such as the AMD IonCleanse™, Aqua Chi™ , Peditox™ which sell between $1,895 and $2,895 and have approximately triple the power of the Chinese Units, and do offer the benefit of BEFE technology. They are 24 volt Direct Current systems with an output of approximately 2.5 – 3.0 amps.

Description – Bio Electric Field Enhancement Technology (BEFE) otherwise known as Balancing the Body’s Energy Field

Based upon an interpretation of Quantum Theory, the BEFE Theory was developed from research conducted at the University of Canberra, Australia in 1992. That theory states that an external source of "negative electron" energy for the body can charge the cells like tiny batteries while reducing pain.

Manufacturers of these systems insist on pointing out, in this capacity it is not a medical device and does not actually diagnose, cure or treat any disease, or condition.

In reality, these are sophisticated machines energizing the water with Negative Ions. All living things possess energy fields. When the subject takes a BEFE bath, the body pulls in the energy it needs through the body's Energy Meridian terminus points on the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands.

Method of Use

In practice the feet or hands are immersed in the water, and the device turned on for up to 30 minutes. The Ionizer, part of which acts as Cathode, and part as Anode, causes basic electrolysis of the water. Gas bubbles are seen to be released around the Ionizer. The charging effect also causes dissolved impurities in the water to be precipitated by the residual energy not being used by the body for detox or BEFE.

The proprietary electronic circuitry ensures the energy waveform matches and enhances that of the individual’s in the water. BEFE generates negative electrons, which are released into the water as a waveform, synergistic with the electrical state of the person being treated.

The arrangement of the stainless steel plates (some systems use copper rings which discolor the water), combined with the electronics, creates specific electromagnetic frequencies and harmonics, which are transmitted to the body through the water medium.

Of interest, when some people start using this unit they experience mild tingling or sensations at the site of old operations or injuries. It is thought this may be due to the area becoming energized as energy blockages are cleared.

During initial use of the spa the water is often discolored. As a person continues to use the spa and responds to the energy source, the water color tends to improve and lighten. However these are merely observations and should not be overemphasized.

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