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Bowen Therapy Success Stories A-Z

The following case histories demonstrate the power and effectiveness of Bowen. It is important to remember that although we are here mentioning the resolutions to certain conditions, this does not mean a guaranteed cure in all cases for all the named problems. The Bowen Technique treats the body as a whole, without referral to named disease, but naturally enough there are many situations whereby presenting problems are resolved.

Achilles Tendon   - David 34, Runner                                                                                                                                                                        
I recently changed my running shoes and began to notice an uncomfortable strain down my left Achilles. On finishing each run the area would burn and be painful for some hours later. This developed until running became impossible without pain. Direct work with massage and other hands-on approaches to the area created little relief. On seeing a Bowen practitioner a suggestion was made that the problem could be coming from the sacroiliac joint in the lower back. Three sessions working in this area gave permanent relief. I now see the Bowen practitioner only if I am preparing for a big race." 

Ankles – Swelling
My ankles were swollen. They’d been swelling several times a year for two years. The diuretics prescribed by my physician generally worked in less than a week, but I had not taken them this time. I tried Bowen. Twice during the session I got off the table to urinate, and when I was getting dressed afterwards I saw that the swelling was already subsiding. Five days later I had a second session. The swelling has not recurred in the six months since.

A nine-year-old came with her mother, complaining of feeling anxious about school, having nightmares, difficulties with concentration, and making odd repetitive movements with her arms which other members of the family were finding irritating. Sessions one and two produced considerable improvement in general anxiety and behaviour. By the third session she looked much happier and more relaxed. School friends commented on how much better she was concentrating in class, and she herself found she was able to get on with schoolwork much faster. After five sessions, all odd arm movements had stopped; she was sleeping well, rarely having bad dreams.

Eleven-year-old J. came with his mother. About a year previously, around the time of his SATS exams at primary school, he had changed from an easy-going relaxed young man to feeling generally anxious and panicky, sleeping poorly, with attacks of claustrophobia. He found himself getting very anxious being left with a sitter when his parents went out, worrying about accidents, illness, germs and other disasters. School assemblies and church services became an ordeal, and he had to sit near the door to lessen the feelings of panic. His parents had been worried enough about him to ask their G.P. for a psychiatric referral, which was now in the pipeline. J. had four treatments. After the first treatment he felt an increase in energy and released a lot of anger. A similar picture followed the second treatment. During these two weeks he had no panic attacks, and felt a reduction in anxiety about being away from his parents. Assembly had become less of an ordeal, and after the second treatment his parents were aware of much improvement on an emotional level. After the third treatment there were only small pockets of anxiety remaining, and when J. came for his final treatment, his mother said that he was so much improved that she had decided to cancel the coming psychiatric referral.

ANXIETY ABOUT SCHOOL   Girl, 8, 3 treatments
Eight-year-old J. came with mother, as she had been feeling very anxious about school. After three treatments she was feeling very much better, and her nervous nail biting had improved considerably. She did not feel the need for any more treatment, and was feeling much happier.

ANXIETY & CERVICAL SPONDYLOSIS  Woman, 68, 3 treatments + monthly follow-ups
D has had cervical spondylosis for 5 years and suffers with tremors in her right hand. It also causes dizziness and pain in the back of her head. She was previously on anti depressants for 3 years, prescribed after suffering with stress from work then a series of medical conditions including high blood pressure, a hysterectomy, pernicious anaemia and suspected cancer. She suffers with tension, anxiety, shaking and lip tremble and is very lacking in confidence, shy and retiring. D felt wonderful after the first treatment and walked two and a half miles. After the second treatment, the pain had reduced and she felt 'good in spirits' and noticed an improvement in her piano playing. Her blood pressure was down and she managed to drink a cup of tea without shaking. After a third Bowen treatment she managed to drive a round trip of 400 miles and is gaining in confidence. She has continued to improve with monthly treatments. She is more in control of her anxiety, coping better with stressful situations and is now resuming her social life and activities

ANKYLOSING SPONDYLITIS  of the LUMBAR SPINE    Man, 76, ongoing treatments as needed
Diagnosis by GP - ankylosing spondylitis of the lumbar spine, and confirmed by an MRI scan. G was in constant pain but refusing painkillers. He was unable to walk, without a walking stick, to his bank, which is only 5 minutes from his house, and he frequently has to sit down. His GP said the only cure for the pain was an operation that could put him in a wheelchair. Neither G nor his GP were keen on this idea. G decided to try Bowen Technique. He had previously tried osteopathy, physiotherapy and acupuncture with little or no result. He is a tall slim man who was in obvious pain. There were no obvious signs of muscle wastage. When he came for his second treatment, he was very much improved, walking without a stick and had no need to sit down on short walks. The pain was less, muscle tension almost normal, and range of movement improved. When he came for his third treatment, his movement was excellent, no pain, and very little pins and needles in feet. Since then, he has continued with a maintenance treatment once or twice monthly. He can walk around the town with no problems and no stick. He has remained pain free for a year, apart from a slight hiccup when he walked his son's very boisterous dog, but this settled after treatment. He also had right knee problems 18 months after his first Bowen treatment but this settled after two treatments one week apart. He really is thrilled with Bowen and talks about it to anyone who will listen!

ARTHRITIS - RHEUMATOID   Peggy, 23                                                                                                                              
I was diagnosed at the age of twelve as having rheumatoid arthritis.  Since that time I had been taking medication and drugs to relieve the pain.  After two Bowen treatments my life was pain free.  I couldn't believe it!  I could now lead a normal life, not one dictated by pain.

Arthritis – Rheumatoid  JJ, 50
I developed rheumatoid arthritis twenty years ago. Ugh! It started in my hands and slowly spread through my whole body. I have tried all anti-inflammatory drugs, gold injections to no avail and I have been to chiropractors and physiotherapists/masseurs and it made me worse. I am on some nasty drugs such as steroids, methotrexate and cyclosporin. I was always stiff and sore and I seemed to hurt all the time. I have had three operations on my feet. Pins have been put in the big toes to try and straighten them followed by fusing them together to hold them up. This didn’t work and the pain was still there. I had a synovectomy on my knee with further injections. I also had surgery to my wrists as I was always in so much pain. And then I found Bowen Therapy. I have found relief and a lot of my pain has gone.

Arthritis- Rheumatoid  female, 70
A 70-year-old with rheumatoid arthritis suffered excruciating hip pain. After one treatment her hip pain was better and after four treatments was only “annoying”. Her energy has improved and she is able to do more.

Woman, 51, series of treatments
Cath, who has an arthritic hip, says that before her experience with Bowen "I would have laughed in your face if you'd said that this could help me". She was told in September 2000 that she had osteoarthritis and that she'd have to wait for a hip replacement - a long wait on the NHS because she was comparatively young. She couldn't walk without a stick and found it difficult to lift things. She had to stop her work in a convenience store, but a customer had recommended that she try Bowen. Cath said: "It was like nothing I've ever had before. It was very relaxing and after the relaxation you get a wonderful rush of energy. I went on a Thursday and by the Friday night I was walking a bit better. By the following Thursday I didn't need to use a stick to walk - and since then I haven't looked back." Cath had weekly sessions for four weeks, reducing to monthly and then two-monthly visits. Now she goes every three months. Not only has she continued to walk without a stick but she can lift things again and she has a new part-time job working as a house manager at local retirement flats. She still plans to have a hip replacement but until then she is free of her previous pain and limitations.

ARTHRITIS, WHIPLASH & FALL     woman, 58, series of treatments                                                                                 
J is overweight with arthritis in both knees (for 23 years) which had spread to her neck, right foot and right hand. She had also had a whiplash injury twice and fell at work 11 years ago, pulling the ligaments from the backbone to the hips. Her job requires her to do quite a lot of lifting and carrying. After a few weeks of Bowen treatment her knees were much better. Following treatment on her hamstrings the results were amazing. She couldn’t remember when she last had that amount of flexibility in her knees. Further treatments brought the same results to other parts of her body. Headaches due to the arthritis are also gone.

ASTHMA   Girl, 2, 1 treatment
T, aged 2 years, suffers with asthma. At her first treatment she was very wheezy and had been prescribed steroids, which her mother was reluctant to use. Both parents smoke. The wheezing reduced after the first treatment and has now disappeared, though there was a period of mucus being produced. Her breathing has improved after 4 treatments, so much so that the school have commented on it. The steroids were discontinued before the first treatment. It is very difficult to treat a two-year-old child who is sitting and squirming on her mother's knees. However, it seemed to work well despite those difficulties. Normally, the child has had asthma attacks every two weeks or so during the winter. She has had none for over two months now. Her mother wrote: "My 2.5 year old daughter has suffered from asthma and also an over-production of mucus from birth. She has Ventolin and also Becotide on occasions. In November 1999, her asthma worsened and the GP advised restarting steroids at a higher dose. She took a severe reaction to steroids so we stopped them immediately. That week she received her first Bowen and has had treatment once or twice a month since. She has not needed any medication since; she has a very slight period of wheezing occasionally which is managed with essential oils. It has been a remarkable improvement, particularly as she is a lively two year old who doesn't always stay still for the treatments." Signed BC - Feb 2000

   Boy, 6, 1 treatment
O's asthma was worsening and his mother did not tell him that his visit to Bowen therapist was connected to his breathing problems. As he is normally quite a stubborn little boy and wary of anything new, his mother was surprised when he accepted the treatment and did as he was told. The next evening, when she reminded him to take his usual dose from his inhaler, he announced: "I don't need my puffer any more". He then enjoyed a summer free of asthma, including hour-long football practices with his brother, and a mountain-biking holiday in Scotland.

ASTHMA AND CHEST INFECTIONS   Girl, 8, 3 treatments
F is 8 years old and suffered with asthma and chest infections. She was small for her age and had a poor appetite. She had 3 inhalers: 5 puffs of one twice a day; 3 of another twice a day and the last one every 4 hours. Distressed with the amount of medication F was taking, her mother was looking for an alternative and discovered The Bowen Technique. After one treatment, F became full of life, energetic, hungry and didn't need the last 4 hourly inhaler. At the end of treatment 3, she was off all inhalers, had grown, was still full of life and hungry. At a routine check up with the GP, just after Bowen treatment 3, he immediately picked up the difference. The bright, alert look in her eyes, weight and height gain, clear, good, strong breathing. He was so pleased he wanted Bowen information to give to other patients.

ASTHMA & STRESS   Boy (teenager), 2 treatments
A teenager, K had had asthma, a constant backache and severe 'morning motivational' problems for years. He often had problems getting to sleep, but after a 6.30 p.m. treatment he fell sound asleep till next morning. After two sessions he complained of little result, but carried on. After the third treatment, he drank a lot of water and has not looked back. His backache and asthma are gone and, amazingly, for the first time in his life he is experiencing a sustained motivation to get up and going in the mornings

ASTHMA ATTACK     Girl, 17, 1 emergency treatment
England Junior Basketball Team Member, K, was involved with the multistage fitness test used to analyse an athlete's aerobic performance. A standard is expected at this level and the peer pressure to achieve the necessary grade is immense. K was struggling for breath soon into the test causing some concern early on. Determination kept her going until she had to stop because she could not gain a breath at all and had commenced a panic attack, which complicated the situation. K was removed from the concerned crowd and the Bowen emergency asthma move carried out. Immediately a normal breathing pattern resumed and after 30 minutes K carried on training with no further symptoms.

BACK: DEGENERATIVE DISC    Woman, 30's, regular treatments
B had pain in her lower and middle back with some spasm evident, plus stiffness around her shoulders. She had had a lower back injury as a child. She also suffered from stress. She had three children between 8 months and 4 years. She was moving house shortly after her second treatment. The pain in her back disappeared after the second treatment when the Bowen pelvic move was added and, despite carrying many heavy boxes during the move, she had no problems with her back. As the Bowen treatment is helping with her stress, this has continued. She claims she has never gone through the winter without frequently falling ill, but has been fine ever since she started the Bowen sessions. In her own words: "I have been diagnosed with degenerative disc disorder and have suffered for 12 years with lower back pain which has worsened since my children were born. "All of summer 1999 the pain was severe and occurred frequently, often the pain going down into my legs and also up my neck and shoulder. After two sessions of Bowen it was almost completely better. Since then I had slight twinges, which have gone after a few days. "In addition, the Bowen treatment seems to have had a marked effect on my general health, with practically no illness all winter, and also my mental/emotional health is much better. I don't have the down days and depression that I suffered with for years."

BACK PAIN   Dave, 48                                                                                                                              
For ten years I suffered from low back pain.  I was referred to a Bowen practitioner, and after four sessions the pain in my back was lessened.  After my next treatment, I drove home feeling drowsy and slept eleven hours straight that night.  The next morning I woke up and a miracle had happened.  My hip was free.  I had no pain in my lower back.  The tightness in my shoulder and neck were gone.  It was the first time I felt physically free.  

BACK: CONSTANT LOWER BACK ACHE    Woman, 40's, 1 treatment
I am a Consultant Paediatrician and, while my training has been in orthodox medicine, I have long been aware of the limitations of modern Western medicine in addressing basic issues relating to the promotion of health and well being and prevention of disturbed function, of the human organism. Over the last few years I have explored the preventive and therapeutic benefits of a number of practices complementary to medicine and have trained in several therapies. I was introduced to The Bowen Technique during a joint consultation with a kinesiologist who had trained in it. I had been experiencing a constant ache in my lower back for some time and therefore became the fortunate recipient of a Bowen treatment. To my amazement, I experienced immediate relief and this happy state held over time. I was so impressed that I enrolled in the training course and now also use The Bowen Technique on a number of conditions. If only The Bowen Technique could fit the criteria for acceptance in the current climate of Evidence Based Medicine, the benefits to individuals and the savings for the NHS would be enormous.

BACK PAIN  Matt, 60                                                                                                                              
For 20 years I had been suffering from low back pain following a horseback riding accident.  I was in so much pain that I could barely walk for five minutes at a time.  After my first Bowen treatment, I went home and followed all the instructions for 5 days.  The second day I had pain everywhere, but it started to dissipate after the 3rd day.  On the 5th day, it was like I had never had a back problem.  All the pain was gone.  I thank the Bowen Technique for giving me a new life and hope for the future at 60 years old.

BACK PAIN  Joe, 34                                                                                                                                    
I have had a bad back for as long as I can remember.  Back pain was something I just lived with.  Over the past fifteen years, no one could offer me morethan just temporary relief.   After three Bowen sessions the pain was gone!  No pain putting on socks and shoes.   No pain bending down to pick up a tennis ball.   I have complete and pain free mobility.  The Bowen Technique saved my life and reintroduced me to a pain free existence.

Back Pain    Kwinana
I would like to express my sincere thanks Bowen Therapy. After 25 years of back pain and hundreds of visits to Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors (and in particular 103 visits in one year) I was told that I would never be without pain or to be able to bend down.
After three visits I no longer had any pain and after subsequent visits I am now able to bend down. I am now after 25 years starting to live a normal life again.

Back Pain
   male, 57

A 57- year-old man suffered from chronic back pain and could walk only with the help of a cane. Housebound, he could walk or sit only 20 minutes at a time and took constant medication for the pain. After three Bowen treatments he was able to fish again and resume a normal life. 
BACK, GROIN & LEG PAIN   Footballer 
"I was asked to try Bowen therapy by my football physio as I had been having problems with my back, groins and upper leg muscles for most of the season. I'd been to a chiropractor a few times and on my last visit she had advised there was nothing really wrong with my bone structure. I continued to play but still felt restricted in my movements so I decided to give Bowen a try. "I didn't really know what to expect but I was determined to keep an open mind and give it a go. I can't explain how it worked but after a couple of treatments the problems I had been having virtually disappeared. I was able to touch my toes with the palms of my hands - something I'd not been able to do for a long while and I seemed to be able to go the duration of a game easily where I had been struggling before. "When people ask 'does it work?' I find the best way to tell them about it is my scoring ratio since having Bowen. I'd only scored 5 goals in 27 games before Bowen treatment. From the time I started having treatment until the end of the season, I scored 10 in 12 and from my point of view, that says it all! I also didn't miss a game through injury." - Danny Adams, footballer

Back Pain Sports Injury
     David, 30                                                                                                                        
David S a 30-year-old accountant presented complaining of lower back pain due to a football injury that had persisted for 11 years. Although very skeptical during his first NST session he admitted to feeling 80% better within the following days. “Okay I feel heaps better, but how could such light moves on my body possibly provide this much relief”? His second visit convinced him, as he now remains absolutely pain free.

BACK PAIN – SCIATICA    Man, 40, 1 treatment
P. was unable to put weight on his right foot and the therapist paid a home visit. He was in severe pain and had been all day, from the buttock right down the leg. He was extremely tense and tight. The therapist gave him one treatment and was able to observe his body relaxing during the 40 minute session.. He was virtually pain free when he got up and was walking normally. Two years later, the therapist reports that the problem has not returned.

BACK PAIN  Roy, 22                                                                                                                              
For many years, I suffered from low back pain. The problem started in high school when I improperly lifted some heavy weights.  Since then, my  third lumbar would pop out of place, and I would have it corrected by chiropractic every six months or so.  Three hours after my first Bowen treatment, while driving home, my lumbar moved back into place on its own!  It has been more than a year since then, and I've had no more back problems.   

BACK PAIN      R.M.                                                                                                                                                                                  
"I'm 54 and when I strained my back moving house I thought I was in big trouble! I was worried I'd be out of action for a week and I can't afford that. I rang up and had a Bowen session that day. The relief was instant and I was able to keep on working. That night I felt so good I even went for a bike ride.”

BACK PAIN  - NERVE     Footballer                                                                                                                                       
Quick Bowen sessions were provided at a football match. The sessions were effective at loosening the players muscles before playing football. Natasha a player with the Polish team had trapped a nerve in her back the day before. She was in a lot of pain and massage had not helped. On performing a twenty-minute Bowen session using back moves her pain was relieved.

BACK PAIN into Hips and Knee   woman, 26, three treatment                                                                                                
F is a very tall (6’2”) nursery nurse, so works with tiny people and furniture all day. She had had this problem for 2 - 3 years. MRI scans had not revealed any cause for the pains and physiotherapy, treatment had been to no avail. After the second Bowen treatment she said “it is 99% better than it was”. After three treatments, the problems were completely gone and the resolution holding.

BACK PAIN SLIPPED DISC / SCIATICA  Angela, 59                                                                                                                                                   
I came from the doctors with a bag of medicines prescribed for slipped disc and sciatica.  They told me to lay on my back until the problem improved and to take two weeks off work.  I could not afford to do this.  After one Bowen treatment I was up and around the very next day!  A day later, I had a boost of energy I had never experienced before.  I was completely recovered.

BACK PAIN - SCIATICA  Paul, 42                                                                                                                                                    
I was unable to put weight on my right foot and was in severe pain from my buttock down my right leg.  I felt extremely tense and tight.  After my first Bowen session, my body completely relaxed.  When I got up, I was virtually pain free and could walk normally!  After two years, the problem has not returned.

BACK PAIN  - Scoliosis   girl, 8                                                                                                                                                
An 8 year old girl, presented with impaired co-ordination, scoliotic pelvis, perception disorder of the muscles, and heavy binocular squint (especially when tired). The child had previously received the best possible medical care available. After the first application of NST the child said she “felt different”; after the second application of NST she was able to ride her scooter and walk up and down the stairs, an activity she was previously unable to do without the help of somebody else. For the first time in her life she felt pain after muscular exertion. After the third application of NST her physiotherapist asserted that the scoliotic pelvis was now straight, as were relevant points on the scapulae as well. At the same time the co-ordination and perception of the muscles had improved so much that even a forward somersault was possible.After the fourth application of NST – incredible but true – the ophthalmologist asserted that the child squinted no longer. In fact this test was carried out when the child was quite tired, having come straight from school. She continues to
improve Dr. Michaele Buckmann, Dusseldorf, Germany, 1998.

BACK PAIN & HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE     Woman, 54, 3 treatments
C came with a history of back pain, which included a particularly bad episode two years previously. In addition, she also looks after her disabled mother at home. Typically, her back pain would also travel down to her left knee. An x-ray revealed that 3 lumbar vertebra had reduced cartilage. Two weeks before she came for Bowen treatment, C's back "went" during a skiing holiday when she stood up from a sitting position! When she came for the first treatment, C also had high blood pressure. During the first treatment, C felt very woozy and was hot and flushed after, so remained lying down for a while. She said that her back was then painful for two days following the treatment but that something "snapped" as she was walking and the pain was gone. At her third treatment, she reported feeling a bit stiff, still, but had been playing tennis. In addition, her blood pressure was normal for the first time in two years. One week later, she was feeling fine and has not needed further treatment.

     Girl, 7, 3 treatments + ongoing 'top-ups'
T  was taken for Bowen treatment because of a bedwetting problem. After discussion with T's mother, it was decided to say the treatment was for her frequent bouts of tonsillitis rather than emphasize the bedwetting to the child. T would wet the bed four or five times a week, and occasionally more than once a night. T's mother was instructed to cut out apples and apple juice from T's diet. T wet the bed three times the first week. She had really enjoyed her Bowen session and was looking forward to the next one. After the second treatment, T wet the bed twice. Following the third Bowen treatment T was completely dry all week and stayed dry for two and a half months (she had one accident during this time). T now has a Bowen 'top up' every two to three months. As a bonus, T has had only one very sore throat in the last year which would normally have required antibiotics but which cleared up naturally after 24 hours much to mum's amazement.

BEDWETTING      child, 10                                                                                                                                                 
I had a child of 10 who was a chronic bedwetter. His grandmother used to wake him every 2 hours to try and keep him dry but with little success. They came to me and I told them about the diet and that it would be a fairly long term treatment. I gave 5 treatments. The grandmother then decided that the Bowen was not working even though he was starting to have longer dry periods. I asked her to please keep him on the 75/25% alkaline/acid diet and to keep his dairy and apple consumption to a minimum. Two months later I received a phone call to say that the kid had been dry for 6 weeks.  

BELL'S PALSY     Woman, 54, 2 treatments
R. writes: "On Friday, 1st September 2000, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy and was given a 5 day course of steroids and advised to see a neurologist. This would have probably taken several weeks with the NHS. I contacted Bowen practitioner on Monday 12th September. "The symptoms of the Bell's Palsy were that my left eye had gone right up in the socket and the right side of my mouth had dropped so that I had great difficulty in drinking and eating. "During the course of the first treatment, during one of the short breaks [that are a part of Bowen treatment], I could still feel movements around and under my left eye as though he were still working on it. When the treatment was finished, I looked in the mirror and was amazed to see that my eyes were symmetrical and back to normal. A week later I had a second treatment and my mouth showed a little improvement on that occasion. I had a third appointment provisionally booked for a week later but my face was so improved that I did not need it. "I also had a private appointment with a neurologist on the 27th of September, by which time my face was completely recovered."

BLOCKED TEAR DUCT    Mitchell                                                                                                                                                                           
Mitchell had difficulty with a blocked tear duct in his left eye from the first days of life. His GP prescribed eye drops which did little to help then the GP recommended surgery to remove the blockage in the tear duct. His mother took him to a Bowen therapist. After 1 session there was a dramatic change in Mitchell’s eyes. Since then he has had no further trouble with his eyes and thankfully no need for the surgery.

Bunion    female, 50
A 50-year-old female runner with a large bunion found she had to stop running. Three weeks after one Bowen treatment, the bunion had completely resolved.

Mary, 62                                                                                                                                 
Since my accident nine years ago, I suffered with severe back pain, and my right calf has been in spasm.  I often experienced pain down the whole right side of my body.  After my first Bowen treatment, I had far less tension in my right calf.  After the second treatment I could not believe the difference in my back:  almost 100 percent pain free!  The pains in my knee and hip were also much lessened, and in general I felt much better.  After the third treatment, the back pain I had had for nine years was now completely gone!

CANCER: PLEASE NOTE;The Bowen Technique is not suggested as a cure or even as a treatment for cancer. Instead it aims to offer an improved quality of life and more comfort during treatment and thereafter.

CANCER - BLADDER    Man, 60's, 8 treatments
"Following a relapse into a second instance of bladder cancer, The Bowen Technique was recommended to me by a very caring friend who had been a great help to me earlier. Bowen practitioner agreed to treat me just as my chemotherapy course began and after only three sessions the effect was so noticeable that one of the chemotherapy nurses remarked that I was the most relaxed patient they had ever treated on that unit. "The Bowen Technique therapy has dramatically reduced stress in both by body and in my mental attitude, removing old tensions and grievances to clear the way to a more balanced feeling now. The treatment has also considerably reduced the pain and physical problem of a frozen shoulder, which had disturbed my sleep for months and was painful to use, even making dressing difficult at times. There is now little more than the stiffness following unaccustomed exercise. In the space of eight weeks, the application of the Bowen Technique to my body and problems has immeasurably increased the well-being I feel and, I am sure, has played a very important part in supplementing the conventional cancer treatment, to the extent that I now feel better than I have felt for over two years."

CANCER - PROSTATE    Man, 60's, regular treatments
"I suffer from prostate cancer with metastases in the spine, pelvis and ribs. The Macmillan Day hospice I attend provides a variety of therapies including aromatherapy once medical approval has been obtained for each individual patient. Some time ago our therapist suggested using the Bowen Technique in an effort to give me longer relief from joint and bone pains and relieve spasms of intense kidney pain. I am delighted to say the results have been excellent. "Nearly fifty years ago, a Polio attack left me with a weakness down my left side and constant pain that varied in intensity. Following Bowen treatment, this discomfort is considerably reduced. This is incredible after so many years. As the Bowen technique is so unobtrusive I couldn't believe it would achieve any improvement in the light of my experience. I am now a keen advocate of the Bowen Technique. It has certainly improved my quality of life."

CANCER -STOMACH    Woman, 3 treatments
M had had a number of abdominal operations and had been bedridden for some months. She had been unable to keep either food or drink down for over two months and, as a consequence, was now very weak and in great pain all over. She was on strong painkillers and was unable to sleep much. She had not laid on her stomach for over two years so getting her into a sort of position to start Bowen treatment was difficult, and she only managed a 2/3 turn. There was very little muscle to work with and body geography was very difficult. At the first treatment, after the initial moves, she felt her whole body relax for the first time in months. On the next visit, 5 days later, she was sitting up and had started eating and drinking "proper food" with no sickness. She had also stopped taking painkillers. At the third treatment she was very perky and feeling much stronger as she was now able to eat. However, the cause of her considerable problems has now been diagnosed as stomach cancer.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome                                                                                                                                                    
I treated a young lady using the Bowen basic treatment and added an advanced wrist procedure. Within the next week she called to tell me that the pain disappeared shortly after leaving my office and her wrist did not bother her at all. I treated her one more time and I have seen her at the theatre since the treatments and she remains pain free.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome      Geoff, 67                                                                                                                                                                 
I am a recently retired cabinet maker, having worked at my trade for over 50 years. For the last 20 years I have had problems with my shoulders as a result of using power tools and to sleep at night I have had to prop myself up with 3 pillows to ease the shoulder pain. Then for the last 5 years I have also had trouble with my hands and wrists – tingling, cold fingers, numbness and pain. It was diagnosed as carpal tunnel syndrome. For this I have worn gloves and wrist supports to help ease the pain. I couldn’t pick up small things (nails, screws, and even a $2 coin) and was even having trouble driving the car and doing small household jobs. Then I saw a small ad in our local newspaper suggesting Bowen therapy as a way of easing carpal tunnel syndrome. This was a simple muscle manipulation and exercise regime and after just one session I could notice a change. After each of the following 5 sessions there were more changes. My symptoms have been improved by say 80% and hopefully if I continue my exercises and perhaps have a few more treatments later, this may improve even more. In the meantime, I have a life back – much less pain and inconvenience. I’m back to driving and working. I am very grateful to my therapist who was able to help me so much.

Girl, 3, regular treatments
I first saw little T. a year ago, when she was three. She is a delightful little girl, very determined and full of fun. T. has cerebral palsy, with a mild left-sided hemiplegia. Her left arm and hand are somewhat slow and clumsy, and her left leg is marginally shorter than her right, with erratic muscle tone. T. was managing pretty well, but fell over more than the average, and was prone to more crying tantrums and outbursts than most three year olds. Her parents were concerned to do all they could to get her off to the best start they could. It has been a very gradual process of gaining T's confidence through games, tiny rewards, and general fun and nonsense in the treatment room. She was initially very reluctant to leave her parent's laps. I did tiny treatments in situ, or on my lap, as and when I could. Very quickly improvement was seen in general behaviour and the number of tantrums decreased. As time has gone on, she and I have become the best of friends; she will now lie on my couch and remain still for treatment. We hope that as time goes on, regular treatment will help prevent complications with her left ankle, which inverts slightly and has erratic tone. She now verbalises well, is friendly, confident and outgoing, and showing every sign of being ready to make a smooth transition to school in a few month's time.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS (M.E.)     man, 30's, 9 treatments    
He had been laid low with ME/CFS about 8 months before he came for Bowen treatment. He had recovered from the very debilitating stage of the illness but was still far from well. He was only able to go in to work for two hours a day, and sometimes not even that much. He had to have a nap in the afternoons and go to bed early. Socialising was a rare event. He began responding almost immediately to Bowen treatment with improvement in a stiff and aching neck, headaches, a feeling of stuffiness in the ears, "woozey" head, and energy levels. Each weekly treatment added to the improvement and within a month he was able to do without the naps and begin to accept social invitations again. After several months, he undertook two trips abroad and suffered no real ill effects from the plane journeys, climate changes and activities. Bowen treatment moved S into a continually improving state which held steady as he got back to his regular duties.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / MYALGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS (M.E.)     Woman, 50's, treatment every 2 - 4 months
Bowen can have the effect of re-integrating, or re-connecting not only the body's systems, but also the body-mind-spirit connections that are so crucial to a sense of wholeness as a person. This is a subtle effect and often difficult to quantify or put into adequate words but nonetheless, this effect seems to be of great importance to the CFS patient. One woman had been faithfully following a very exacting exercise regimen - but sadly with little result - to try to regain a sense that her legs were connected to her brain and the rest of her body, as she felt they were weightless and didn't connect her to the ground properly. This sensation, of course, constantly made her feel unsure of her balance and steps. After her second Bowen treatment, she stood up and started laughing with delight and amazement, saying over and over that her legs felt heavy and solid, connected to her upper body, and she could feel the ground under her feet! Bowen treatment has maintained this "re-connection" now over many months for her.

COCCYX PAIN   Louise, 27                                                                                                                                                         
Post-labor I suffered a tremendous pain upon sitting and was duly fobbed off by the medical staff. Having been a theatre nurse for many years I was offered and refused an operation as I did not believe the results would be worth it. My coccyx was not broken just misaligned badly. Finally after no success with pain killers, physio etc. I discovered Bowen Therapy and thankfully after two treatments I was completely recovered after nearly two years of constant pain. It was like a miracle as I would have paid anything at the time to get rid of the pain. Happy to share this experience with anyone as I am so grateful for the relief I have been given.

COLLITIS   Peg, 78       
Peg aged 78 had been diagnosed 40 yrs earlier as having colitis. She continued to suffer with this disorder until she came to me for Bowen treatment. Shewas taking six different tablets a day some to address the problem others to address the side affects caused by the drugs. After only onetreatment Pegfelt relief from her symptoms. Over the next few months having only three treatments her colitis was so much improved she cameoff of her tablets and was diagnosed by her doctor as clear!

COLIC.    Boy, 4 months, 1 treatment
J. was four months old and suffering from severe colic after meals which was distressing for him and for his poor parents. During the Bowen treatment he seemed to relax completely. After this one treatment he had no further colic.

Constipation & Sinuses   Oscar MD                                                                                                                         
Two chronic problems cleared up after a few Bowen sessions three months ago. As far back as I can remember, I tended toward constipation. After eighty-five years of laxatives, enemas, and suppositories, I’m now regular — even without Metamucil. My sinus condition began in the early 1950s. After the doctor’s initial treatments with iodine, I irrigated my sinuses with saline solution for about ten years, then used Neosynephrine for thirty years, and finally used Nasacor daily for ten years. Since the Bowen, my sinuses are clear without any medication.                         

DEPRESSION      woman, 29, 4 treatments + ongoing
C was diagnosed as having depression and was prescribed medication - Prozac. She felt herself to be "on an emotional roller coaster, full of negative thoughts and very tense and snappy" and she hated taking this medication because it made her fuzzy. Seven days after the first treatment C said that she had felt much more relaxed and asked if I felt that she should stop her medication. I advised that this was something she should discuss with her GP. "By her third session, nine days later, C had seen her GP who had reduced her medication prior to withdrawal. C was much more positive and delighted with the effects of the Bowen Technique. Eight days later, at her fourth session, C was relaxed and positive. She had successfully applied for a new job and feels able to cope well with her life. She asked if I would see her on a regular basis as she felt that Bowen helped her to relax and that it is "much better for me than medication". We agreed that she would make an appointment when she felt it would help. C has had several sessions since. She rings every 6-8 weeks.

DEPRESSION & EMOTIONAL RELEASE     woman, 43, 1 treatment
B. is quite a sensitive person and is currently 'coming off' anti-depressants. After the first basic Bowen moves, she immediately felt 'spaced out'. After about half an hour, she got a terrific pain in her throat, whereupon there poured out all sorts of confessions about her childhood, and deep secrets she'd never told anyone before (sexual abuse etc). Then she had a cry (I gave her Rescue Remedy & just listened). After this huge outburst of very personal horror stories, all of a sudden the pain in her throat cleared completely and she felt much brighter and somewhat amazed at what had happened. Clearly, Bowen had prompted this enormous ''release'. It certainly proves that Bowen works on many different levels.

EAR INFECTIONS    Sue                                                                                                                                                                   
I have been practicing the Bowen Technique on my grandson who suffers from autism.  My grandson was suffering from re-current ear infections since he was 10 months old, I used the Bowen Technique on my grandson when he was 2 years old.  After just one treatment his ear infection cleared and he has not suffered from them since.  He is now 7.

ECZEMA    girl, 3, 5 treatments
P arrived for her appointment with the saddest little face. Her eyes looked worried and wary, her mouth was in a tight, down-turned frown. She was suffering considerably with her eczema. Her scalp, through her blonde hair, was scaly and red; her arms were encased in special gloves from her fingertips to her armpits. She also had significant patches on her back and stomach and legs. Her skin was red and raw looking, clearly painfully inflamed from this condition. She was constantly agitated and scratching one area or another, her mother trying to calm her and keep her from doing so as much as possible. P's eczema first appeared around 8 months of age. She had seen hospital specialists during the following year but the eczema remained the same. Around age 2, P was taken off dairy and the eczema cleared for about 6 months. Then it came back, quite suddenly and severely, for no apparent reason. Her mother was using two different creams, a special soap and antihistamine tablets at bedtime to try to stop the itching. P had been tested for allergies and was off everything to which she showed sensitivity. Her sleep was very disturbed, her appetite poor and the eczema was affecting her behaviour in negative ways. It was at this point that they came to try Bowen.
P was understandably nervous about a new treatment and was very weepy and anxious. She sat in her mother's lap while I did the gentle little Bowen moves on her back, legs and around her neck. Relieved that that was all there was to it, she gave me a tiny smile as she left. When she came for her second treatment one week later, the change in her scalp was immediately noticeable - it was much less scaly and more hair had started to grow in.Her mother reported she was not itching as much and was settling at night and sleeping through most nights. Again, treatment while she sat on her mother's lap. One week later, for the third treatment, her mother reported that her body was reacting to the treatment and, in conjunction with the eczema diminishing, lymph glands in her groin and neck had swollen during the week. Flaky skin patches were now clearing in a couple of days, where it used to take a couple of weeks. Her hair was continuing to grow in and thicken.
P's fourth treatment was two weeks later and the glands were now only slightly swollen and the eczema reduced even further. There had been periods when P hadn't been itching for a day or so. P had even gone without her arm-length gloves for two days. She was much less weepy, whiney and agitated than during previous treatments and sat happily during it. She was thirsty afterwards and gave me a smile and said "thank you" when she left. The day booked for treatment #5, a fortnight later, was a lovely sunny day and P had been out running and playing in the sun with her sister - without her gloves on. She was so much better and having such a great day, her mother forgot the appointment! So the fifth treatment took place a week after that and the difference in P was amazing. She did not have her gloves on and her arms were a normal skin colour, although still a bit rough to the touch. She was eating better, sleeping better, hair still thickening and only a very few small dry patches on her scalp. P was bouncy, happy, smiling, excited and very happy to have her treatment. A transformed little girl.

EXTREME CASE                                                                                                                                                                                                                
An older gentleman came to me on a referral from his daughter. Eleven years before I met this man he was severely injured by 750 pounds of material that fell off a forklift onto his head and shoulders. Doctors had fused his neck and lower back in an attempt to put him together and to help him have some kind of a life after the accident. He was always in constant relentless pain in various areas of his body since the accident and was on extreme medication for the pain. When he first came to me he was walking with full force on two canes, all crippled up, bent over, severely dragging one foot. In this condition he stood approximately 4'6." When he laid on the table, I was surprised to find that he did not fit on the table because he was so tall. I asked how tall he really was and he said "A little over 6' 4." Because his body was so bent up, in severe discomfort and I had never seen someone in this condition, I told him that there would be no charge for treatment because I did not know if there was anything I could do for him. I proceeded with a Bowen basic treatment and added the ankle release procedure. During the treatment his body began to calm down and relax. Immediately after receiving the treatment, and upon my suggestion, he slid off the table and with some effort, he very slowly and gingerly began to take small and cautious steps around the room. He was taken by surprise that he, for the first time in 11 years, although with effort, was able to walk without use of his canes. "I am somewhat chicken to go without the use of my canes" he said. So I suggested that he use his canes as a matter of balance and not as crutches. To say the least we were both surprised by the results. He walked to his car, using his crutches for balance only, with a very noticeable new self-confidence and assurance. He called me six days later and said " I do not know what you did, but, I would say that 80% of my pain is gone, my bum foot works and is no longer locked up as it has been for about eleven years. What really surprises me is that the doctors I have been to have said that I would have to live with the pain and discomfort for the rest of my life, and in just one treatment most of it just disappeared. "     I treated him one more time, a total of two treatments and have not seen him since. Previous to this experience I had only heard second and third-hand testimonials of the validity of Bowen Therapy when used in extreme cases. This therapy has consistently and repeatedly demonstrated phenomenal and often miraculous rresults.                                                                                          

FIBROMYALGIA    Woman, 30's, 2 treatments
Following three years of fibromyalgia - worse in the past twelve months - Gail felt pain in her 'back, neck, limbs …all over'. After the first Bowen treatment she experienced extreme 'anaesthetic' tiredness for three days, then improved steadily: less pain, no falling down, almost no vertigo, and walking and sleeping better. After only two treatments other members of her support group also experienced real improvements. 'Unbelievable', as Jenny said!

FLAT FEET                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
Flat feet is when there is no arch and it can be genetic based. If you were to put a pencil under a person's foot where the arch is the pencil should go through to the other side. When a person is flat footed this won’t happen. Bowen is good for this condition, but sometimes people need to see a podiatrist if it causes them problems. Bowen will not put back arches but it can help with alignment of the foot.

FOOT PAIN   Ron, 85                                                                                                                                                                           
I had been having Bowen treatments for a few weeks because I was suffering intense pain in my foot.  And now, apart from an occasional twinge, the pain has completely disappeared.  I can now walk again without the dreadful pain.  I am eighty-five and have great reason to be grateful for the Bowen Technique.

FOOT PAIN Marion, 43                                                                                                                                                               
For four months I had been limping due to a painful foot.  My doctor referred me to an orthopedic specialist who told me that I might need surgery.  I decided to try Bowen Therapy.  After only one treatment, the pain disappeared and I cancelled my surgery. 

FOOT PAIN -  NEURITIS   Margretta, 40’s                                                                                                                
Margretta, a woman in her 40s, had been limping for 4 months due to a painful foot. Her doctor diagnosed her problem as Interdigital Neuritis (Morton's Foot Pain) and made an appointment for her to see an orthopaedic specialist, saying that surgery might be the answer. Hoping that there might be a way to avoid any surgery, Margretta decided she would first explore other routes to resolving this condition. She decided to try a little-known therapy new to the UK – The Bowen Technique. Her hopes were abundantly rewarded as, after only one treatment with The Bowen Technique the pain disappeared and Margretta happily cancelled her hospital appointment.

GLUE EAR     Girl, 15, 5 treatments
R is 15 years old, and came to see me recently with her mother. As an infant, from 1 year old, she had much trouble with glue ear, with resultant problems of hearing loss and trouble with speech development. At 4 years old she had grommets fitted, and the problem gradually resolved itself. However, a bad head cold at 14 years started the problem again, much to everyone's dismay, and GP could only recommend specialist referral in 6 months time if there was no improvement. Mother and daughter were both very upset at the thought of having to go through "the whole grommets thing" again, and worried about the effects of a long-haul flight that R was soon going to have to cope with on the holiday of a lifetime to Barbados. "R had 5 treatments with me before her holiday. She quickly started sleeping through the night for the first time in her life, and her mother reported that she had also started sleeping without making a lot of snorting and snuffling noises in her sleep, which she had done since a baby, and which they had both come to think of as normal for her. By the time of her flight she no longer had popping or discomfort in her ears, and her hearing was back to normal. I saw her after her holiday, and she had had no problems with the flight either way, and her hearing was still normal. I now see her every couple of months, to ensure she has no recurrence, and all is quite normal.

GOUT     female, 1 treatment                                                                                                                                                                           
A young woman came to me as a referral from her mother. She was going through a very strenuous time in her marriage, her employment with two separate companies, and her health. She, through the course conversation about her life and health in general, mentioned that recently she was diagnosed with having gout by her physician, and that there was not much he could do to help her. Her mother, who was present, was shocked to find out that her daughter had not told her about the doctors findings. The toes of her right foot were turning a very eerie blackish, deep purple, that did not look healthy at all. I treated her with the Bowen basic treatment and added a procedure that can address the kidneys and the kidney region. Within fifteen minutes she said that both of her feet were getting extremely hot and that they were beginning to tingle. Which reminded her of the feeling she had experienced at times before of being out in the winter cold for too long, getting her feet too cold, and upon going into a warm house her feet were tingling as they began to thaw.            She called me four days after the initial treatment to tell me, that in her estimation, 95% of her feet were back to normal, pinked up, and feeling fine. No after effects, no medication used.

HEADACHES   S.B.                                                                                                                                                                                        
It's amazing that such a small manipulation can have such a huge impact - you can actually feel your body responding - healing itself! Bowen relieves my headaches and gives me a total feeling of well being. And it's painless and drug free - what more could anyone want?

HIV/AIDS    Man, 40's, regular treatments
Derek was diagnosed as HIV positive about 16 years ago. He used to do a lot of cycling and keeping fit until two years ago. Feeling pain in his muscles and joints, he stopped cycling. He also felt he had no energy and was unable to do physical work, such as gardening. He went to a local clinic at the beginning of June 1999 for an aromatherapy treatment. Although he felt his energy level was raised afterwards, the pains and aches in his joints came back after 3 days. His aromatherapist is also trained in The Bowen Technique and told Derek about it and suggested it might work better for him. With his consent, she carried out the initial treatment. When he came back for the second treatment, he said he felt very positive about himself since the first treatment and the pains and aches had not come back. The therapist gave him another treatment. When he came back for the third treatment, he said he had done some painting in the house that morning and had been able to do some gentle exercise and that there had been no pain in his joints and muscles for two weeks! Just before coming for the fourth treatment, he had been out doing some gardening. He is very pleased with the results of Bowen and said he had not felt like this until he started Bowen. He will be coming back regularly to keep the pains at bay.

An acquaintance and her husband had been desperately trying to have a child for almost eight years. During a conversation she explained the difficulty she and her husband were having in trying to conceive. I briefly described Bowen Therapy, the restfulness many people experience during and after a treatment, and of many non-conceiving couples who did everything else their doctors recommended without results, who then received Bowen Therapy treatments and conceived shortly thereafter. This woman decided to start treatments that afternoon. "After all," she said, "We have done almost everything else, so why not give this a try. It's all natural and if it works like you say it can, you will have made the difference in our lives."Within two months after receiving a treatment she was expecting, and today she and her elated husband have a beautiful and very healthy baby boy!

IRRITIBLE BOWEL SYNDROME (I.B.S.)    man, 38, 5 treatments
IBS had restricted P's lifestyle for over ten years. Not knowing when an attack might hit had left him almost house bound. The first session with Bowen relieved the IBS but brought a lower back pain and a sore right knee to the surface. These were apparently old sports injuries from 15 years ago. The second Bowen exaggerated these pains further but the presenting IBS was not an issue. After five Bowen sessions all symptoms had been relieved and a full lifestyle maintained.

KNEE PAIN / WRIST PAIN  Harry, 44                                                                                                                                
After seven months of physical therapy for my knee and wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome), I was still unable to play tennis.  Two different doctors recommended surgery for the knee which remained extremely swollen.  After only two Bowen sessions I was back to playing tennis without any knee pain.  My carpal tunnel was gone after the first session and has not returned.

KNEE – SPORTS  INJURY    man, 23, 4 treatments                                                                                                               
As a cricketer and rugby player, H’s left leg was in a brace following cartilage removal and damage to the AC ligament. His right leg was in plaster nearly to the knee due to further ligament problems and he was on anti-inflammatory tablets. Some severe pain followed the First Bowen treatment and the left knee became temporarily more swollen. However, after four treatments the hospital verdict was that the knees were now very stable and that a further anticipated operation would no longer be necessary.

Knee & Ankle     Abby                                                                                                                                                  
I play AAU basketball. After the first few weeks of Bowen, I noticed that my chronic knee pain was gone. Then I sprained my ankle really badly. When Tina saw me two days later, I still couldn’t put any weight on it. It was completely swollen and black and blue. With another Bowen session the swelling went right down within ten minutes. That evening during practice, my ankle didn’t bother me at all. I’ve been pain-free now for two months. With Bowen, I move better, I play better, and I don’t hurt afterwards

KIDNEY STONES     male, 45                                                                                                                                                
Male client came with back pain. He had passed a kidney stone week before & was scheduled for surgery the following week to remove a kidney stone on the other side. The day after the initial treatment he reported he passed the other stone without pain.

LEG PAIN           Rose, 80                                                                                                                                                  
At age 73, I fell off a ladder.   A piece of splintered wood went through my leg and my knee became red, hot and swollen.  After my first Bowen treatment, the swelling and redness in my knee went down a lot.  After five treatments, I now walk normally.
LEG INJURY  Woman, 80, 5 treatments                                                                                                                           
When B was 73 she had a bad fall from a ladder which broke under her and a piece of it went through her left leg. A steel plate had to be attached to her leg with thick screws. When B first went for Bowen treatment, her left knee was solid, swollen, red and hot. With the first treatment, the swelling went down noticeably, the skin colour was normal and she could see her ankles! Two weeks later, she arrived for a second treatment with some swelling and redness, which had returned but was not as severe as it had been. From then on the improvement was steady and without relapse. After five treatments, the leg was very much better and she could wear normal shoes and sandals again.

MIGRAINES         girl, 15, 3 treatments
D. is my own daughter. At fifteen years of age she was suffering from 3-4 migraines a week, usually waking in the morning feeling sick and unable to get out of bed until the attack had run its course. Life had become very difficult, and she was often off school till later in the day. After only one treatment she had considerable improvement, and after three she had no more migraines. This improvement has held, and though she very occasionally has an "aura", she has not had another headache in the 18 months since treatment.

MIGRAINES   woman, 30's ongoing 'top-ups'
M was on medication most of the time and had been in treatment with physio and medication for about 2 years. M was very skeptical about Bowen Therapy not expecting it to work at all, but found that her headaches reduced to one per week, depending on stress levels at work, sometimes less than that - over period of about 3 weeks. Now they are just 'lurking' and will appear if stress levels are high. But M now comes for 'Bowen maintenance' treatments, which keep the migraines at bay.

Migraines, Insomnia   female, 61                                                                                                                                  
A 61-year-old woman presented with a very long history of chronic tension in the shoulders and severe weekly migraine attacks and chronic insomnia. She had previously tried allopathic medicine, osteopathy, massage, acupuncture, and according to her “everything else possible.” She came with a somewhat skeptical attitude because everything else she had tried provided only temporary relief. After the first session she was sleeping better and the tension had gone from her shoulders. She had also experienced a week without a migraine attack. After the second session her energy levels where very high, she was pain free and felt “wonderful”. To date she has required no further sessions.

Migraine & Sinus Relief
After years of suffering from sinus and agonizing migraines, I feel like a new person. After my first Bowen Treatment I noticed the difference straight away. Being able to breathe comfortably at night and sleep was wonderful. My migraines have decreased dramatically, which means no morphine or pethidine injections.

woman, Bowen practitioner, 40's
Bowen practitioner believes that Multiple Sclerosis patients receive a number of benefits from Bowen Technique treatment. She herself has MS and in her own experience, Bowen assists with muscle spasm, fatigue and in the bowel/bladder problems that are common not only in those who are incapacitated, i.e., wheel chair bound. Both bladder and bowel incontinence are also common in those who have the relapsing-remitting form of MS and Bowen can assist with both the frequency and urge forms of this, using the relevant lower back Bowen procedures. This can mean the difference between waking several times throughout the night (thereby upsetting sleep.....essential for repair) and sleeping straight through the night. For those that are recovering from a relapse and the nerve damage /incapacitation that results, Bowen moves can open up neural pathways that have been closed down by a pain response and inflammation and it thereby aids the speed of recovery. In short, this confirms positive responses to Bowen treatment for those with MS, but, as for stroke victims, the treatment needs to be little and often.

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS,       woman, 30's, ongoing treatments
Mary is the mother of 3 boys and in the summer of 2002 was told she was likely to only live for 2 more years due to the type of MS she has. Mary first say a Bowen Thrapist after her diagnosis and at that stage she was unable to walk unaided, had practically lost her speech and had no upper body strength. Mary did not wish to take the prescribed medication but instead chose to go on a gluten and dairy free diet. She went for an assessment and treatment at an immunological/wellness clinic in the Czech Republic and she started an intensive programme of nutritional support. Two months later began weekly treatments with Bowen. While she was already beginning to show some signs of improvement, with the addition of the Bowen treatments there was rapid improvement in all areas. When Mary first came, she had to check where her feet were visually to get them onto the treatment bed but by the 3rd treatment, she could get on the bed and know where her feet were through the normal functioning of positional body knowledge.
Her speech had come back and was fluent with only the occasional missed word - usually speech is the most difficult thing to get back.After three Bowen treatments, she was able to walk unaided and had begun to play the piano again. Thereafter, she was able come to her appointments without a carer to help her (although she is always driven by someone else, as she is not safe to drive yet). Mary's consultant is completely bemused: his first thought was that there had been a misdiagnosis, but they reviewed all the scans and it is certain that she was not misdiagnosed, as the lesions are clear on the original scans. Mary has not had a recent scan to see if these have changed. The consultant's advice to Mary was: "I don't know what you are doing, but keep on doing it". Mary's improvement has been remarkable and she is particularly aware of this when she goes to the physio clinic for exercises and sees other MS patients deteriorating. For her, the combination of a change in her diet coupled with regular Bowen treatment has made an enormous difference to the progression of the MS. (Still doing well in 2005).

MUSCLE TIGHTNESS & COLD Peter                                                                                                                            
Peter, a singer and dancer had been having Bowen sessions to help loosen his diaphragm and legs. He arrived for his third session with a streaming cold and an audition two days later. The night after the session he sweated so much his bed was soaked. The following day the fever had gone, his catarrh had cleared and a day later the audition went really well-he got the job. On subsequent sessions the focus of attention was on Peter's legs and he found that he had a much greater range of movement and could warm up quicker. The dance director commented on the improvement in his range of movement and performance.

NECK/SHOULDER INJURY   woman, 43, 3 treatments
I recently had the Bowen treatment for a stubborn and painful neck/shoulder injury, which I have suffered from for over three years. Although I was very sceptical at first - after all, how could so small and gentle a movement make such a difference, when all other treatments I had tried via my GP's recommendations had only eased the symptoms for a short time. I was amazed at the incredible results, even after only the first proper treatment on my neck and shoulders.

NECK INJURY       Bob46                                                                                                                   
I suffered a neck injury atwork which resulted in a very sharp pain in my left shoulder blade.   A few months later, my neck locked.  After this, my back got very tight and I struggled to move around.  I found my first Bowen session very relaxing.   It wasn't until I was onmy way home that I realized I was moving freely again.  The pain in my neck and shoulders had vanished!   I'm now able to enjoy my life again. 

NECK: SEVERE RESTRICTION & LEG IMBALANCE    man, 50's, 2 treatments
A Bowen practitioner acquired one of his patients in an unusual way - while he was opening his business account at the bank and giving information about the nature of his business, the bank manager became so interested in the technique that he promptly booked in for a treatment. He was unable to move his neck and one leg was 1.5 inches shorter than the other and he had been told that he would need a wedge under his left leg for the rest of his life. After only two Bowen treatments the bank manager had two even legs, a moveable neck and a lot of amazement.

OVARIAN CYST   Mandy                                                                                                                                                           
I was crawling around in pain and not able to stand up straight. Not being keen on taking medicines I sought alternative therapy. After one session of Bowen therapy the pain was totally gone. A follow up with my doctor revealed that the cyst was gone.

OsteoarthritiS  Julia                                                                                                                                               
 I had a bad limp and muscle pain due to severe (bone rubbing against bone) osteoarthritis in my left hip. The bone doc told me that only a hip replacement would help. My physical therapist did everything she could and then referred me for Bowen. At first I thought, “Something this gentle, this calming, this ‘alternative’ won't help much.” But, after the second visit, I noticed a lessening of the severe muscle pains in my leg, and my limp improved. I get occasional arthritic pains now, but no more muscle pains.

Parkinson’s disease   male, 75                                                                                                                                                                                
A 75-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease had severe tremors in the right hand for two years, and right leg pain. After 4 treatments the leg pain wasbetter and he was able to walk faster and was standing straighter. After 6 treatments the hand tremors had drastically reducedand he was able tobutton his own shirt.

woman, 64, continuing treatment
M, a 64 year old woman, had been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for 12 years. She had very bad osteoarthritis in the left knee and a painful neck which was tilted sharply to the left as a result of the Parkinson's. Her posture was also affected with a tilt towards the left. The Parkinson's, of course, caused her painful muscle spasms and uncontrolled tremors and jerking.
M had a Bowen treatment once a week and within the first six weeks, the pain in her neck had gone and the neck was much straighter. Her knee was also much improved and the tilt in her posture was very much lessened. Her family remarked how straight and well M walked now. The affect on the Parkinson's Disease symptoms were equally welcome. The tremors and muscle spasms are not so intense, but "softer" as M describes them.
Has the Bowen treatment made a difference to M's life? "Oh, yes - a big difference," says M. She used to have to crawl up the stairs, both for safety and because of the weakness and pain in her left knee. The knee will now support her weight without pain and her posture and tremors are improved sufficiently for her to walk up and down her stairs regularly. She has a chair lift, but very rarely uses it. Both M and her brother have Parkinson's Disease, although his is of a different type from M's.

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, DIABETIC     man, 30's, regular treatments
Steve is a very serious diabetic who needs to measure his blood sugar hourly. He was brought to a Bowen therapist one evening quite late. His head was resting on his left shoulder and his shoulder had come up to meet the head. He was in great pain, and had been for a couple of weeks. He also had a severe headache, which felt like a "cap" on his head. He couldn't be touched on any part of the left shoulder and scapula as the pain was too great. He had had an industrial accident at work some time before and had been under the specialist and physio department and had made good progress. Then suddenly, for no particular reason, his head started to collapse to the state it was in when he arrived for Bowen treatment. He had tried going back to the hospital but was now "off the list". It took the Bowen therapist 1.5 hours to do the treatment that normally would take no more than 30 minutes. In fact, the area was in such pain that some of the moves could only be made by the therapist merely "drawing" them with his fingertip on the skin to create the gentle stimulation of a normal move. He also did some extra work on Steve's head for the headache. By the end of the treatment that night, the headache had reduced to 40% and the pain in the shoulder area had become concentrated on several specific points...i.e. a change which offered some encouragement to Steve, as he had arrived expecting nothing. By his third treatment, Steve's head was approximately 70% upright, and the shoulder down a bit.The headache had virtually gone and so had the nausea he had developed. When he eventually saw the specialist again, he was 80% better. He was sent to Physio. There, she used a laser treatment on the specific areas of pain. This gave relief for 30 minutes and then the pain returned to 100% of his original, Day 1, pain. The following week, she put him on a Tens machine to kill the pain but his reaction was so great that within 4 hours he was hospitalized. He was in hospital for a week and came out a mess. He saw the Bowen therapist 5 days later and by this time he was calmer. He responded very quickly and the vomiting he had been suffering from stopped and he recovered. Steve continues to have Bowen treatment from time to time. However, he recently had a bout of severe sickness after having a scan at the hospital. Bowen, again, settled him quickly. It seems that Bowen is the only treatment that has a positive effect for Steve.

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, CHARCOT-MARIE-TOOTH DISEASE    woman, mid-40's, regular treatments
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is an inherited, degenerative peripheral nerve disorder that causes muscle weakness and atrophy in the feet, legs, hands, and forearms. It is characterized by progressive loss of use and sensation in the limbs. R., who inherited this condition from her father, received 6 Bowen treatments over a period of nearly two months. After the first treatment, she had an excellent response: the pains in her knees were gone; her legs felt stronger; her balance was much more reliable; she did not have to concentrate on lifting her legs when walking and the day after the treatment she felt very energized and continued feeling very well. After the second treatment, she went abroad on a week-long family holiday.
Upon her return, she reported having a wonderful time as her energy levels and stamina had remained quite good throughout the trip. She had done a great deal of walking and had, for the most part, kept up a normal pace and she was still enjoying not having to really concentrate on lifting her legs. Her foot was not dropping as often at all and she was able to walk barefoot on the carpeted hotel floors without tripping - something she had not done in ages. Her husband noted that she was walking better. She had only tripped and fallen once, on the last day of the holiday resulting in a painful and swollen left ankle, which cleared up on its own after a few days. After her third treatment, she continued to feel strong and well for approximately two weeks. Then her legs began to ache and feel somewhat weak again and she was tripping a bit more.
At her fifth treatment her legs were still aching and she was having to concentrate more on walking again. She could still walk barefoot without tripping and her balance was "sort of OK" - not as bad as it had been before she came for Bowen. At her sixth treatment, she said her balance wasn't brilliant and her left leg, especially, was aching but she was still able to walk barefoot and her stamina was holding. After experiencing such a remarkable difference at the beginning of Bowen treatments, R. and her therapist are disappointed that many of the improvements have not held. However, they are both keen to continue to explore the effect of Bowen on this condition, as there is no doubt that R. responded very positively to the initial treatments and the fact that they held during an appreciable amount of time and activity is significant. She will return for more Bowen after several months, as they experiment with the effect of different gaps of time between treatments.

PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY, REYNAULD'S SYNDROME  girl, 17, occasional treatments
R. was diagnosed with Reynauld's Syndrome two years ago. In this condition, the blood vessels of the hands and feet are constricted as a result of excessive sympathetic nervous system stimulation. Sufferers are very sensitive to the cold and typically have to wear gloves and warm clothing and footwear. R. had one Bowen treatment while she was home on holiday from school and reported her response in a letter to the Bowen therapist: "I noticed for the next few days afterward that I was constantly warm and that I didn't have to wear the usual number of layers of clothing. So this was definitely an improvement. I have also noticed that my joints seem to be 'clicking' far more frequently. Even the slightest movement triggers a click that, thankfully, is not painful at all." When R. has been home on holidays she has had further treatments and there is always a significant improvement in her symptoms.

Repetitive Strain Injury     G. Woods                                                                                                                                                              
After working as a pipefitter for three weeks and being involved in an incredible amount of repetitive grinding, the bicep muscle in my right arm developed a RSI condition that was quite painful. I believe that the muscles had been held in one position for so long that the blood supplies to the muscle tissue was reduced and the tissue had actually started to die or break down. Being trained in massage etc; Bowen Therapy was one of the few modalities that I knew had any potential to help. I was very concerned indeed, as permanent damage was a potential in my mind. The frightening condition reduced step-by-step over five sessions, with an amazing experience as a bonus. During the sessions I would enter states that I have only experienced in Spiritual Healing sessions or when meditating. I no longer have any problems with my arm.

Repetitive Strain (RSI)                                                                                                                                                                                               
A hair stylist and I met in a salon when I heard her complaining about severe forearm pain and how she was taking up to 15 Advil™ a day. I talked to her briefly about Bowen Therapy and asked if I could just treat her forearm. Within minutes the pain greatly subsided and she scheduled an appointment for a full Bowen treatment on the spot. When I saw her for a full treatment she was very adamant about not having to take any Advil™   since the last time I saw her, which was a week and a half earlier.

SHINSPLINTS      male, 21 2 treatments
As a student, R was a keen athlete and mountain biker. He had suffered from shinsplints for up to twelve years, usually triggered off  by running. Physiotherapy had proved painful and given no relief. Within a few days of the first Bowen treatment he was almost completely pain free and after two sessions he has had no recurrence of the problem a year later.

SHIN SPLINTS    Josh, 21                                                                                                                                                                                  
I had suffered from shin splints for about twelve years.   Physical therapy proved painful for me and did not give me any relief.  Within a few days after my first Bowen treatment I was almost completely pain free!  After two sessions, I had no recurrence of the problem. 

Shingles    female, 70
A 70-year-old woman with shingles radiating into the right eye, resulting in excruciating pain and extreme light sensitivity, had been lying in the dark for three months. After two Bowen treatments, she resumed a normal life without pain.

Henry,  63                                                                                                                                                                                    
I suffered from a frozen shoulder which was very painful when I moved it or touched it.   After my third Bowen treatment my shoulder returned to normal with no further pain.   

SHOULDER PAIN   Woman, 48, 2 treatments
Susan's doctor diagnosed frozen shoulder and sent her for cortisone injections, of which she had many. The problem would subside somewhat but always came back. Susan was a keen tennis player and, of course, could now no longer play. After two years of this, she was sent to a specialist who then diagnosed bursitis. He told her that she would have to have injections for the rest of her life to manage the condition. At this point, depressed and feeling written off by the medical practitioners who could offer nothing but cortisone injections, Susan decided to try The Bowen Technique. Two Bowen treatments resolved her frozen shoulder and she has had no problems since - and is playing tennis again very happily.

SHOULDER PAIN    S.S.                                                                                                                                                              
After suffering with a frozen shoulder for 12 months, I was informed my only option was surgery. Then I discovered Bowen Therapy! After just 3 treatments, I had full movement in my shoulder, and I now use Bowen Therapy weekly as a form of body maintenance. The therapy has taken away so many muscular aches and pains, I feel 10 years younger! I sincerely recommend it to anyone who suffers from muscular or body structure complaints.

Many patients with moderate to severe rotator cuff injuries, which left them unable to raise their arms out of their laps or unable to sleep at night, were pain-free after the Bowen Therapy. There are many other instances of sports and work related injuries – knee, elbow and ankle among them – that have been successfully treated by Bowen therapy.

SHOULDER PAIN, MIGRINES & INSOMNIA  -Sylvia, 52                                                                                     
I had a long history of chronic tension in my shoulders with severe weekly migraines and chronic insomnia.  I was very skeptical because everything else I had tried provided only temporary relief.  After my first session I was sleeping better and the tension was gone from my shoulders.  I also experienced a week without a migraine attack.  After the second session I was pain free!   It's a miracle!

SHOULDER PAIN     Nancy, 31                                                                                                                                                       
I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder and had to take painkillers to relieve the constant pain.  Washing my hair, getting dressed and driving all caused a lot of pain.  I couldn't lift my arms higher than my shoulders.  A friend convinced me to try the Bowen Technique after it helped her bad back.  At the end of my first Bowen treatment the pain in my shoulder was gone and I could wave my arms around for the first time in years!

Shoulder Pain    Marie                                                                                                                                          
The pain in my shoulder got steadily worse for several years. At a friend’s suggestion, I went for a massage — my first bodywork ever. It was enjoyable, but I didn’t notice any improvement. The next time, I had Bowen instead. The pain improved immediately, by way over half, and continues improving with each Bowen. I go for tune-ups every four to six weeks and remain pain-free — unless I skip the Bowen shoulder exercise a few days in a row.

Shoulder  Pain
  female, mid 50’s                                                                                                                                                           
A woman had been experiencing severe shoulder pain and could not lift her arm above chest height. "For quite a long time." she said. Because I was not at my office when we met, nor in a place that would accommodate her for a full treatment, I just sat her on a table and did a few Bowen procedures. She was very surprised to be able to lift her arm above her head and even touch the back of her neck with the pain greatly diminished after just a few minutes. "Well," I said, "Bowen Therapy is simple and it works. Understand that something that works doesn't always need to take a lot of time."

Shoulder PAIN  JK, 60’s
I am a retired builder and an ex bricklayer and an active sportsman in my early 60’s. Several years ago it was necessary for me to stop any strenuous activities due to a condition described as “frozen shoulder”. Recommendations were made to be treated by Physiotherapists, Chiropractors and Acupuncturists. A course of direct injections (6) with cortisone was also tried, but all of these were unsuccessful, and my only option was surgery.  As a last resort I visited a Bowen Therapist. After one hour of treatment I experienced a noticeable improvement in my mobility and after two more sessions I was completely pain free with full range of movement. The treatment is non invasive and surprisingly gentle and the results are amazing. An added bonus is the ability to enjoy a full night’s sleep which was not an option prior to the treatment, due to the pain. I fully recommend Bowen Therapy to any person who is suffering from pain.

    man, 62, 3 treatments                                                                                                                                        
D arrived with a frozen shoulder that had restricted his natural arm movement to less than 20% of normal. The shoulder was exceedingly painful to lie on and as an active man keen on amateur dramatics, it was making life difficult. He was seen three times, after which the shoulder had returned to 100% range of movement with no further pain.

Shoulder, hand, hip, knee & foot    female, 6
A 66-year old woman suffered with shoulder, hand, hip, knee and foot pain. After several treatments the shoulder pain was completely gone, knee and foot pain much improved. She was able to walk better, physically do more, had increased energy and overall felt good about herself. What excited her most was the straightening of her previously bowed legs.

SPORTS - CARTILAGE/LIGAMENT DAMAGE     male, 23, 4 treatments
As a cricketer and rugby player, H's left leg was in a brace following cartilage removal and damage to the AC ligament. His right leg was in plaster nearly to the knee due to further ligament problems and he was on anti-inflammatory tablets. Some severe pain followed the first Bowen treatment and the left knee became temporarily more swollen. However, after four treatments the hospital verdict was that the knees were now very stable and that a further anticipated operation would no longer be necessary.

SPORTS - HAND FRACTURE-BOXING       male, 30, 2 treatments
A double fracture of the intercarpal bones of one hand, caused ten years previously from boxing, gave Derek continuing pain, despite ultrasound and other treatment. The pain usually lasted for a week or so following training sessions. After one short Bowen treatment the pain vanished and after a second treatment there was no further problem despite further training and a three-round fight.

SPORTS - TWISTED KNEE- RUGBY      male, 30, 2 treatments
A badly twisted knee in a rugby game put Dave off the field. He received immediate Bowen treatment and within days felt good enough to try running again. However, it was still painful, so a week later he received a second Bowen treatment. Following this he was able to return to competition rugby at the weekend.

SPORTS - TRIATHLETE - SHINPLINTS & PERFORMANCE ENHANCEMENT     male, 26, 2 treatments + 'top ups'
M was delighted with the results of the two Bowen treatments he received for his painful shinsplints. He decided to continue to have treatments on a regular basis because, he said: "I am now performing better than I have ever done before. In the past, I always managed to do very well in the training but on the big day I never seemed to be able to match my training performance. However, now, I am actually achieving far higher placing in the over all order than I have ever done before." He puts this sustained improvement down to The Bowen Technique and continues to come for regular treatments because he believes that not only is it a performance enhancer but that it is also a preventative to injury.

STRESS  Paula, 32                                                                                                                                                                                            
I had felt stressed out for years - too much work, mental and physical, and too little relaxation and sleep.  I found it hard to relax and unwind.  Within five minutes of Bowen, I felt my body relax more than it had in years.  I also found that my body was much less tense in everyday situations.  In fact, I had the positive feeling that my body "wanted" to relax at every possible opportunity.

STRESS / PANIC ATTACKS     Gail, 40                                                                                                                                         
I suffered from stress-related problems, including agoraphobia, panic attacks and pain from stiffness in my neck and shoulders.  I was amazed at the immediate effect of relaxation and easing of tension right after my first Bowen session.  I decided to have three further treatments, which have helped me tremendously. 

STRESS – STOMACH CRAMPS  Faith                                                                                                                                      
Faith, a teenager about to do her 'A' levels had had severe stomach cramps for years. Doctors found nothing physically wrong and suggested the problem might be stress related. After her first Bowen session her mother commented that Faith was calmer and less stressed. She experienced energy moving around just under her solar plexus in the next session, which she said, felt like an alien. By her sixth session Faith said her stomach felt really warm and the alien felt well fed. She had no more stomach cramps after that and said that she was calmer.

TENNIS ELBOW     girl, 13, 3 treatments
M. had a diagnosed case of tenosynovitis of the lower arm. A very talented tennis player, she had been unable to write, use a knife or grip a tennis racquet for some months. After three treatments she had returned to her normal standard of competitive tennis and she had no return of pain.

TENNIS ELBOW     boy, 14, 4 treatments
D.'s tennis elbow not only kept him from playing tennis, but he was also unable to hold a pen to write. After the first treatment, his elbow was much improved the following day. He played in a tennis tournament after three days with no pain. His right shoulder worsened initially but resolved within five days. After the five days, he experienced only occasional twinges in his elbow. After the second treatment, there was complete resolution of the tennis elbow. D. returned after 14 months for treatment of a slight twinge in the elbow and 4 months after that for one further treatment for the slight pain in elbow and wrist. Each time, one treatment brought total.

TENNIS ELBOW   Phil, 46                                                                                                                   
Seven years ago I did a lot of work with my left arm, and since then it has been very sore.  In fact, the end of the bone at my elbow became sore to the touch.  After four Bowen sessions, the feeling in the bone came back to normal.  I am truly grateful to have the use of my arm back to normal.  I can now go back to work and I no longer have to worry about future disability or loss of a job.

Tic Douloureux   dentist, 65                                                                                                                           
A 65- year-old retired Dentist experienced severe pain in the left side of his face for two years. He had been diagnosed with tic douloureux (facial neuralgia) by a neurologist, and was almost non-functional because of the excruciating chronic pain and the side effects from pain medication. No therapy had given him any relief. After two Bowen treatments, he stopped all medication and was pain free.

I worked with a client who had been experiencing tinnitus for many months. I performed Bowen and results were immediate for her. Her pain and the ringing were significantly diminished.

TMJ   Kate                                                                                                                                                                                
Kate, an administrator, had suffered with pain in her jaw (TMJ) and neck for five years, and more recently with lower back pain. After two sessions of Bowen there was a reduction in her back pain and she was able to sleep better. On subsequent sessions the focus of attention was on Kate's jaw and she found that the jaw felt looser and the constant ache in her jaw and neck was less and she could open her mouth wider. Kate also found that her concentration improved and she felt less stressed.

Toe & Knee Pain
My right big toe was immobile, inflexible, swollen, and painful. I got more relief from my first Bowen session than I had from a year and a half of regular acupuncture and myofascial release work. In three more sessions, the Bowen therapist worked the whole body, with focus on my toe and right knee. I have no pain in my toe now, and the knee rarely bothers me.

WHIPLASH     female, 1 treatment                                                                                                                                                                   
A lady came to me after hearing that Bowen Therapy has been known to significantly decrease and often eliminate pain caused by whiplash. Her injury happened two years before she came to see me, with a prior whiplash about one and one-half years before that, both caused by other drivers colliding into the rear of her car. She was unable to rotate her neck toward the right at all. In her own words, "It's been locked up ever since that first idiot rear-ended me at 45 miles per hour and I haven't been the same since. I've seen lots of doctors, chiropractors, and therapists of all kinds, but they haven't done much." I proceeded with a Bowen basic treatment and sent her to get some rest. The next day she stopped by my office and upon seeing me she shouted "Hey, Check it out! Whatever you did yesterday made my neck work. And guess what!! NO PAIN!!! Thanks a million." She had full range of motion in her neck. Something she hadn’t had for three and one-half to four years.                                                                 

vertigo    Grace, 39                                                                                                                              
After my first Bowen treatment, I felt extremely tired for about three days. Then I started to steadily improve.  I had less pain, no falling down, almost no vertigo and I was walking and sleeping better.  Unbelievable!         

vertigo    Geoff                                                                                                                                                                                   
Medical tests determined that I suffered from Chronic Vertigo secondary to left abnormal labyrinth. Drugs prescribed by my neurologist had no effect on my condition. Doctors said there was nothing they could do for me. I was off work for 6 months. I tried Bowen on a friend’s suggestion that she knew of someone with vertigo who was cured by this therapy. After 3 treatments I’ve been feeling great & will be returning to work soon. Also I was retested by my neurologist and the tests showed no abnormality.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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