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What other Professionals are saying about Bowen Therapy.
Bowen Therapy Doctor Testimonials TorontoBowen Therapy is not meant to replace medical treatment. However, due to its success, more and more members of the medical profession continue to be amazed at its effectiveness and have begun to add Bowen Therapy to their practice or refer their patients to a professional Bowen Therapist.

What Physicians, Health Professionals and others say:
This is a client letter written to Dr. Andrew Weil reporting benefits of receiving Bowen treatments.

Andrew Weil MD
P.O.Box 868
Vail, Az. 85641

The following letter is to tell you about my most positive experience with the Bowen Technique. I am a terrible skeptic and recently became critically ill with an exceedingly bad multiple sclerosis exacerbation. I was in significant muscle pain with reoccurring muscle spasms. A Bowen practitioner came and visited me in the hospital and did a session on me. I was so ill and in pain at the time, I thought I’ll try anything. 
After just a few minutes (after the session) - no more than 2 -3, - the pain I had been heavily medicated for completely disappeared and never returned. At first, I couldn’t walk or really move my left side much - but since 3 visits total - I can walk - unsteadily, without a walker for short distances.

I am astounded something so simple and painless works - but it clearly does.

Charlotte Brown, Ph.d. San Francisco

- Dr. Joseph Mercola, Director, Optimal Wellness Center, Chicago, Illinois, -"This work, done properly, will take care of 85% of most all pain problems.  It is absolutely amazing."

- Dr. Christine Staub - "As a board-certified family physician with a special interest in the treatment of chronic illness and pain syndromes, I am thrilled to have Bowen Therapy as a resource for myself, family, friends and patients."

-Lou Hassik, Naturopath - "The Bowen Technique has made my previous approach to human health care redundant. I now consider Bowen to be the most important health care discovery in human history."

- Dr. JoAnne Whitaker, M.D. - "I was facing a hip replacement and back surgery when I discovered the Bowen Technique. After receiving Bowen treatments, not only was I able to walk, but I went back to playing golf... without surgery. I was so impressed that I flew to Australia to train in the Bowen Technique and now treat patients with ailments ranging from bunions to heart disease. I believe that Bowen Therapy is the single, most important hands-on healing technique in medicine."

- Brenda Williams, Director of the Quiet Miracles Program in North Carolina chose the Bowen Technique as the sole hands-on component of her hospital's pain management unit.

- Russell Dick, Osteopath -
"There are things in life which pass in front of you that must be grabbed with both hands. Bowen has turned my practice on its head, with 80% of my patients being given Bowen as first choice."

- Dr. Ted Sleigh - "Of all the modalities I have used,
Bowen Therapy has helped so many of my patients that I would never want to give it up."

- Audrey Butko M.D. - "I consider the Bowen Technique to be a blessing in my practice because of its simplicity, results and patient satisfaction.
It has nearly eliminated my need to use cortisone injections."

- Mitchell R. Mosher, DPM - "The Bowen Technique is one of the most powerful physical medicine techniques I have learned in 24 years as a podiatrist. I routinely use the Bowen Technique to complement treatment of various foot and ankle injuries."

- Gerry Townsend, M.D. - "I offer the Bowen Technique to acute and chronic patients who have not responded to traditional treatment for myofascial pain syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, arthritis or fractures. Although skeptical at first, C.S. Whitman, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon, now regularly refers patients to Dr. Townsend's program."

- Dr. Frederick Menier - "I have been able to notice results even in chronic situations such as rheumatism, TMJ, chronic asthma and emotional depression. An added bonus to this wonderful work is that it is very soft and gentle and well appreciated by my patients for this and its deep relaxing benefits."

- Dr. Michael Buckmann - "As the success with Bowen is in most cases so astonishing, people seeking an explanation as to what it is prior to receiving treatment often think you are some incredible charlatan making wild claims when you give an explanation. But it is true. Clients who present with both acute and chronic pain, having often sought in vain treatment from a variety of other experts and specialists, are consistently free of their problems within a very short time by using Bowen. In fact, most clients require only 2 or 3 sessions to achieve long term benefits."

- Laurie Anderson, artist - “I’m so grateful to have a treatment that addresses the mind as well as the body
. Immediately, I experienced enormous relief from low back pain."

- J. T., M.D., Physician, Medical Researcher, Biotechnology Company - “I have noted improvement in stress-related muscle pain and tension, joint pain and posture. Bowen Therapy sessions may benefit people with musculo-skeletal pain as well as other stress related symptoms. Much to my surprise, my neck pain got resolved through this work. I am very pleased with the results and quite amazed!”

- L. White. MD - Physician, former Professor of Cardiology - “This body work has been enormously beneficial in allowing me to feel freer, less constricted, more mobile, better aligned, with a greater sense of space in my movements
. I highly recommend Bowen Therapy.”

- Dr Robert Flemming MD - “After over 30 years of medical practice, I am finding the Bowen Technique the most effective and efficient hands-on procedure I’ve ever studied.
I fully recommend this technique to all health practitioners.”

- Oscar C. Weitzberg, Rockville, MD - "Two chronic problems cleared up after a few Bowen sessions three months ago. As far back as I can remember, I tended toward constipation. After eighty-five years of laxatives, enemas, and suppositories, I’m now regular — even without Metamucil. My sinus condition began in the early 1950s. After the doctor’s initial treatments with iodine, I irrigated my sinuses with saline solution for about ten years, then used Neosynephrine for thirty years, and finally used Nasacor daily for ten years
. Since the Bowen, my sinuses are clear without any medication."

- Nadine Kachur, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist - “Excellent work! Two Bowen Sessions and my knees were free of strain.”

- Tisha Douthwaite, L.Ac., Licensed Acupuncturist -
“My sacrum has felt unstable causing sciatic pain off and on for years. After two Bowen sessions, my pelvis is no longer jammed; even after doing the things that usually caused pain, it did not destabilize. I’ve also released a lot of emotional holding.”

- Carol Henri Marketing, IBM - “After just one Bowen session, my intense low lack pain is gone and has not returned.”

- Malcolm Stemp Osteopath & Homoeopath for 40 years and also a past lecturer in osteopathy at Oxford University ‘A great truth. It answers all the laws of natural medicine, namely, that the body be treated as a whole without reference to named disease. “
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