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Crystal Healing Bed Session Information

What to expect from your first crystal bed healing session...

Crystal Healing Bed Sessions Toronto1. You may ask for what you want help with and direct your requests to John of God’s “Entities” often referred to as  Psychic Surgeons. Some people like to write their requests on a piece of paper and keep it with them during their session or place it in the Prayer Triangle located on the wall in my treatment room.
The Prayer Triangle is a way to communicate your prayers and requests to the entities or to ask for help or blessings for a loved one. Before your session I recommend that you take a moment to collect your thoughts then place your requests or pictures in the Prayer Triangle and pray with your head in the triangle for a moment. After your session please remember to remove your notes and pictures from the Prayer Triangle.

2. The Crystal Healing Bed is a popular therapy in my practice so I ask that you please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time. You are paying for your session time so please understand that if you are late, you will get the remaining time that is left in your session.  So do please arrive early.

3. There is a 24 hour cancellation policy. Please notify me as soon as possible if you need to change your appointment time. You are responsible for the full amount of your session if you do not cancel within 24 hours.

4. While laying on the bed keep your arms and legs uncrossed to allow the energy to flow openly. The facilitator will then align the crystals directly over your bodys energy centers/chakras.

5. An eye cloth will be placed over your eyes. In general, please keep your eyes closed throughout your session. Just relax and allow yourself to be healed.

6. The crystal bed will be turned on.

7. You may feel the crystals immediately upon entering the room or soon after they are turned on. You may feel relaxed, sleepy, or energized. Enjoy your unique experience. Every experience is appropriate.

8. You may have a similar experience to someone else or you may not. You may have a similar experience every time you have a session or you yourself may have a different experience every time you receive a crystal bed healing. It is all most appropriate.

9. The Entities of John of God have been known to come through and work on people while they are under the crystals.


11. Time is included in your initial visit if you wish to share your experience however in follow-up sessions please understand that there may not be time for you to share as others are scheduled for their session. If you wish to share your experience with me then please feel free to email me and also let me know if you would like your testimonial added to my website

12. After your session please take time to drink some water to help ground yourself. It is recommended that you sit in the downstairs waiting area or go for a short walk outside especially if you are driving a vehicle.


13. After a session some people feel so good they think they are grounded. A good way to check is look at yourself in the bathroom mirror. Look directly at your eyes – this can also help you to ground and to realize that you are not grounded yet.


Enjoy your session!

Thank you,
Sharon Walsh


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