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Healing Stories from Veteran Practitioners - Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

Cerebral Palsy

- In Greece, while Dr. Pearl was facilitating a Reconnective training, a woman approached him and asked Dr. Pearl if he would perform a session for her son.  Her young son had Cerebral Palsy.  Dr. Pearl agreed.  The young boy could not lower the heels of his feet and always walked on the balls of his feet.  One hand was always clenched and he could not utilize to grab or hold things.  After the session the child in some of his steps began to walk with his heels down to the ground.  Everyone but the child was astonished.  The following evening.  The child return to tell the Dr. that he could now open his hand.  This child, Demitri, and his mom are featured on a new documentary; “The Living Matrix”.

Degenerative Disc Disease
- A client had a session in which he did not feel too much.  About 20% do not have obvious experiences while on the table.  However this does not diminish the power and wisdom of the frequencies that have been introduced to the energetic field of the body.  The client left disappointed and thought this healing was not going to work on him.  His main concern was degenerative disc disease.  The client did not return for another session.  Months later the practitioner received an e-mail.  The man happily relayed the news that he had just finished washing his car because his back did eventually heal.  He no longer has degenerative disc disease.


Leaf Experiment

- Researchers have performed a leaf experiment with many energetic modalities including The Reconnective Healing.  They take a live leaf and cut it in half.  Leaves also bleed but their blood is light/energy.  They place each half in separate rooms.  One half receives Reconnective Healing.  The light/energy from the half that does not receive the healing dissipates in about 7 days.  It is considered dead.  The half that does receive the healing “lives” for 90 days.  This experiment was performed with Dr. Pearl and some of the practitioners he trained.  They all received similar results.  In at least one case the half of the leaf grew a small root!  All were astonished.  This can indicate that in some cases very “miraculous” results can occur.


Old Knee Injury

“I had a badly injured left knee from an old sports injury of 7 years ago causing me a lot of pain and discomfort every day since the accident. Anyway, I was surprised that the pain was much less for the rest of the day and by the next morning it was completely gone! That was nearly 2 years ago and I still have no pain. I don’t know how this works, but it does.”


Internal Transformation

“I slept very well that night; by the next day I felt a huge void inside of me, it felt very odd. Gradually that feeling left and from that point on I have felt very peaceful, filled with love, open to love and the possibility of a future relationship. Around other people I have felt more comfortable, open and talkative, even to people I don’t know. Strangers have been very friendly and seem to go out of their way to say Hi.”


Prolapsed Womb

“I am a Reiki Master/Healer/Teacher and I became very interested in the work of The Reconnection about a year ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and had very tangible physical sensations, especially during the 3rd session. A couple of days later I went to do the usual exercises for my prolapsed womb, a condition that I have had since the birth of my son 37 years ago. I discovered immediately that I could hold the positions in the exercises that I could not hold before. Soon after it was confirmed that my womb had returned to normal! Having had no expectations at all, I am absolutely thrilled!”


Extreme Stress

“I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I was given additional responsibilities at work, and that in addition to taking care of my parents was just too much for me to handle. I was really beginning to think I couldn’t do it any more. I didn’t want to give up my career, and I didn’t want to put my parents in a home. I’d been doing Reiki for years, so I thought that I would try Reconnective Healing®. I am very lucky for this “accidental” discovery. I am so much calmer now, and still hanging on! I think I’m going to be okay now.”


New Perspective

Since my Reconnective Healing with Lu I have been sleeping really hard which before I would wake up and not go back to sleep right away.  Also I have been dreaming a lot but it is mostly my childhood years and a lot of dreams with my Dad.  Some of the dreams I had were almost like they were happening yesterday.  The other thing I am noticing is that the color red-orange is brite.  But I feel such a peace within myself.  My body feels very rested and able to look at things from a different perspective instead of feeling helpless. Everyday is challenging for me especially at work but I do feel a sense of peace I can’t explain.

Martha had the following experiences during her Reconnective Healing:

·         Vibration on right knee

·         Coldness at the knees and down into the feet

·         Chills through-out the body

·         Aroma – mom’s homemade lotion.  Would come in strong and fade.

·         Heavy pressure on neck and simultaneously visualizing an Orange horizon which changed into a bright white light.  This light then transformed into a light fog.

·         Feeling of weightlessness

·         Felt a light breeze around the crown and sides of the head

·         A sense of being pursued and wanting to yell/scream

·         Pressure on neck returned

·         Dozed off into sleep


Muscle Pain

I had two sessions of Reconnective Healing. In each session I had a lot of heat concentrated in my forehead, feet, legs and right arm. Prior to the sessions I had suffered from severe cramping in my calves and since I am flat footed my feet always ache. Like most people who work on the computer a lot, my right wrist and arm was always tight and in pain. Since the sessions all these complaints have lessened to such a degree that I don’t notice them. Also, I sense a greater peace about life. I tend to cause myself a lot of mental stress. About 4 weeks after the last session, I have noticed that the degree in which I do this has also lessened. This is great.


A New Outlook on Life

Something quiet and profound seems to have happened during my Reconnection sessions. Within a couple of days, I clearly knew my next major step in life, and took it. My path became clear. My days took on a lightness, an easiness, patience. The clenched-at-the-core undercurrent of anxiety I'd come to consider part of my physiology was no longer discernable. Hell, where was the depression, the dips in confidence, in outlook, in optimism I've been medicating for eons? Gone? Coincidence? Imagination?
I've noticed a renewed vigor in my days, a focus -- a centeredness -- to my actions, an ease in tackling what needs to be done, and an optimism that has yet to flag.


Disclaimer: While many have experienced healing during or after receiving Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, there are no claims, promises or guarantees of any particular outcome, and neither is there diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. As Sharon Walsh facilitates healing, she proceeds with the heartfelt intent that the client’s greatest good manifest, whatever that may be. She acquiesces to the wisdom of these healing frequencies, which in turn select what the appropriate healing is at that time. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment.

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