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Client Testimonials - Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection

"Before going to Sharon I was in constant pain.  During the past three years I've had lumbar injections, used anti-inflammatory patches and needed daily pain medication. Since my sessions with Sharon I no longer need medication, I am pain free, exercising again and loving life.  What a blessing!" --- Marie

"A life-altering process...Sharon put me in a state of bliss. This has been more powerful for me than any other modality I have been exposed to...significantly higher.  It definitely changed my level of consciousness dramatically after "The Reconnection with Sharon. I would highly recommend this process for anyone seeking advanced states of awareness and consciousness." --- Janine

"My Asthma is entirely gone after only one session with Sharon. Normally I needed to use an inhaler every single night at bedtime, but I've never needed it again since the first session. In addition, I've had joint pain for 15 years which was also totally relieved after just one session. I've been sleeping like a baby for the first time in years. I'm so relaxed, I just love it! --- Jill

"I was really amazed by Sharon's work and tremendously blessed to be the recipient. These frequencies are different!  Having received a lot of energy work over the years, I was immediately struck by the quality of the reconnective energy - it is ... different! And extremely effective.  I was deeply touched by Sharon's clear, loving and powerful presence.  She is bringing in a very high level of healing and frequency activation.  What I experienced in my sessions was beyond healing, I literally felt that I was being reconnected with aspects of myself and universal intelligence.

During and after the sessions, I was surprised by the level of information and awareness that was streaming in.  I received great clarity ...  it's as if the pathways were not fully available before, and  Sharon helped clear these pathways so that new connections could be made and I could begin to access higher intelligence and guidance clearer than ever before. Each session with Sharon deepens and expands and brings new levels of information and liberation.--- Barbara

"I see the evidence of your beautiful gift in myself and my family every day. Thanks to you, my mom is pain free and once again enjoying life!  The tremors in my hands that I suffered from have completely disappeared and my husbands tendonitis was resolved in his elbow and shoulder.You have been a  true blessing to us all.  --- Sandra

"Thank you so much Sharon for your powerful healing frequencies. After the first session I felt "more like myself" than I ever have in my life!  I feel more grounded  than I ever knew was possible. What a blessing The Reconnection experience has been." --- Stefanie

"The Reconnection sessions with Sharon were beautiful and powerful.  I have felt more peaceful and grounded and definitely have a clearer connection to my intuitive voice ever since the sessions." --- Sam

"After my session with Sharon, I woke up feeling better than I had in years!" --- Heather

Disclaimer: While many have experienced healing during or after receiving Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection, there are no claims, promises or guarantees of any particular outcome, and neither is there diagnosing nor treating specific health issues or challenges. As Sharon Walsh facilitates healing, she proceeds with the heartfelt intent that the client’s greatest good manifest, whatever that may be. She acquiesces to the wisdom of these healing frequencies, which in turn select what the appropriate healing is at that time. You are solely responsible for seeing to and continuing with your own medical treatment.

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