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“I am very fortunate to have found Sharon as my health advisor! Her consultations are life changing, with each one being uniquely yours. She has an amazing scope and depth of information on all topics related to health and well-being. All of my questions were answered in great detail. She helped me to rethink my eating, breathing, cleaning, exercising and sleeping habits. An hour spent with Sharon will redirect your lifestyle in more beneficial ways that you could not have ever imagined.” - Barbara

“Sharon has a head full of so much information and a heart full of love that makes her very easy to talk with. During my consultation with her I learned so many little things that I can do to be healthier. Also, I was grateful that she took into account my present lifestyle and what I could change now. It was very personalized and appropriate for me and my life and very inspiring to talk with her.” - Darlene

“Thank you for the time we spent together. Our consultation was a big eye opener into my lifestyle habits and how I could improve them for my general well being. I hope to make more of an effort to enjoy life in a healthy way” - Hadija

"I have known Sharon for over a decade and have been to her for several treatments at different stages of my life. I have always been very impressed with the intuitive quality that Sharon brings to her healing sessions."  - Rose

Holistic Health Centre Consultations TorontoUnsure which Therapy or Treatment is best for you?

A Holistic Health Consultation offers you an all natural, chemical & drug free approach to your well-being. A complete personalized natural health protocol and plan is provided to get you healthy and on the right track!

A Holistic Health Consultation is an informal chat about you, together we will explore your health, energy, lifestyle and outlook on life and where you would like to make changes.

In the initial session a questionnaire will be given to you with questions on your health issues, what you would like to change and the problems you are facing today. These questions will include your eating, exercise, work and relaxation habits and especially your emotional state. It is important to be open with your therapist, so that,

Together we can devise a Plan of Action to:

  • Reduce and remove acute/chronic pain conditions
  • Enhance your energy levels
  • Find solutions for more refreshing sleep
  • If weight is an issue, to bring this into balance
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Balance emotions
  • Bring joy, happiness, energy and a great outlook for the future and now into your life.                 

The Plan of Action recommendations and suggestions may include:

A variety of tools may be used during the consultation including: healing frequencies, therapeutic discussion, and positive affirmations.

We strongly recommend that you complete a Holistic Health Consultation before making an appointment for any chronic health concern.

Follow-up appointments are recommended to:

  • develop more detailed, personalized plan and goals for enhancing overall health
  • address specific health issues either acute or chronic
  • talk about holistic health and healing, stay motivated, or discuss any concerns or problems you are experiencing on your road to wellness
  • provide information about alternative approaches

Start down the road to better health and make an appointment, today!

Disclaimer: A Registered Natural Health Practitioner is a guide who provides information about natural therapies for chronic illnesses and exposure to environmental toxins. He or she is not a physician and does not offer medical diagnoses or treatments, but rather educates the client to understanding of natural remedies.

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