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Essence of Stillpoint Seminars:  An Introduction to Scalarwave Lasers & The Quantumfield 

      Wednesday Mar 15th, 2017      6:30am - 9:30pm 

WHERE:    Novotel Toronto North York Hotel
                     3 Park Home Avenue
                     North York, ON

COST:        FREE Admission 

  Sharon  416.351.7475

Come experience a revolutionary non linear approach to quantum wellness based on the proven science of the Quantumfield, or energy which surrounds the body. This seminar will introduce easy to use tools for clearing stress and tension, using this non linear energy of the universe for health and rejuvenation and the remarkable Scalar Wave Laser as a tool to donate energy for pain relief, circulatin, inflammation, arthritic pain, and relaxation of tissue. The Scalar Wave Laser is FDA, Health Canada & CE approved for over-the-counter use.

Paul & Lillie Weisbart are the inventors of the Scalar Wave Laser and developers of Stillpoint. Rooted in the yogic tradition of the "space between the breath". Stillpoint is a systematic approach for dissolving into the quantumfield, to navigate this new season, manifesting, abundance and the flowering of consciousness and full expression of this ripening moment.


"The intense low back pain I've experienced for the past 2 weeks is virtually gone. I now feel relieved, rejuvenated and energetic. IT WORKS! I am referring all my family and friends to Quantumwave. Why suffer a second longer that one has to?"

"My son damaged his knee so severely it required surgury. He followed the rehab process faithfully. His surgeon explained it would never be like before and his pain and limited range of motion would be permanent. He discovered Quantumwave Laser and treated his knee for a month. He is now pain free and has complete range of motion."


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