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Are you experiencing Headaches? Dizziness? Fogginess?
Feeling 'off' and not yourself due to a head injury or concussion?
Tired of feeling unwell and anxious to get back to Sports, Life, Work or School?

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Many people have FELT BETTER after receiving Bowen Therapy!

Current research regarding treatment mandates there must be full rest from all physical, cognitive and mental exertion.  Rest and wait along with the use of Bowen Therapy has shown to consistently and dramatically reduce recovery time with documented recovery rates of 90% resolution of all documented symptoms in less than 72 hours. Concussion symptoms include (but not limited to): headache, nausea, dizziness, loss of coordination, irritability, light and noise intolerance, sleep disturbances, concentration difficulties. Please be aware that concussions can be an evolving injury and symptoms can surface hours to days post incident.

For the best chances of quick recovery – it is best to book a Bowen treatment ASAP after you have been diagnosed with a concussion. A wait and see approach can take days, weeks, even months of time off cognitive and physical exertion. Bowen is gentle, safe and does not interfere with your current medical plan and management. Typically, acute symptoms can often be alleviated within 1-2 treatments. Chronic situations may take between 4 and 12 sessions depending on individual circumstances.


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Alternative therapy shows promise for faster and more complete healing from concussions

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Bowen as Sports Medicine - Safely Resolving Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS)


Testimonials from Concussion Sufferers:

"I got my concussion from a crosscheck in a hockey game. I had concussion symptoms for three weeks prior to treatment. Some of my symptoms were pressure on the back of my eyes, headaches, dizziness, tunnel vision, fogginess in the head, light intolerance, and difficulties sleeping.   Directly after my treatment, the pressure in my eyes was gone and the majority of my symptoms were gone in 48 hours.   Before my second session I had a slight headache and eye pressure and after that session those symptoms were gone and they have not returned since.   I would highly recommend this treatment for any athlete with a concussion or thinking they might have one. "  - Nick, age 17

“I’m 45yrs old and at the time I suffered my concussion I played basketball 4 times per week, volleyball twice a week, indoor soccer once a week and also did cross fit 3-4 times a week when I could fit it in while raising 4 kids with my wife Brenda. I was playing basketball in April/2012 just before Easter with a rec league at work and as I was running back to play defense on my opponent I jumped in the air to intercept a pass, as I was about to receive the ball there was somebody shooting a ball at the hoop I was running toward and he went to retrieve the ball he was shooting as it came in our path and he grabbed the ball and went into a tuck position.  It felt like I got hip checked and I tried to brace my fall with my hands as I hit the ground but it wasn’t enough to stop me from hitting my head.  I went out for a few seconds, as I came around I felt really groggy but continued to play.  After about 30-45 minutes playing trying to shake it off I decided to go home but didn’t feel alert, just felt out of it.  Chose not to go to the hospital and decided to sleep it off which was not a smart move.  Got up the next morning feeling the same and about an hour into working at my desk I got really dizzy and saw spots, felt dizzy and decided to go to the hospital to get checked out.  The ER doc said that I suffered a concussion and I should go home asap and see me family doctor. After seeing my doctor, he took one look at me when I walked in the office and ordered a CT scan asap.  The CT scan showed no swelling or bleeding but I still felt terrible.  My doctor made appointment with a neurologist and was told to rest as it would work itself out.  Returned to work in about 3 months and still felt uneasy, confused, headaches and the symptoms came back the same as my first day with the concussion.  After seeing various specialists and seeing my doctor once a week I was told to go slow and rest but no treatment was offered to help me return full time to work or full time to my activities I was very irritable, lots of headaches, forgetful, light sensitivity, balance or vertigo, confused, moody and did not like being around people or anything that was too stimulating.  In February 2013 my wife found Bowen Therapy on the web and called the therapist to talk about me.  I did not see Bowen Therapist until April 2013 as I was very skeptical and thought there was no way that I would return back to my normal self especially with her or anyone else’s therapy. The therapist explained to me how the therapy would work and had me list all or any injuries I had suffered besides my concussion and that she would heal these as well.  After my first appointment I was shocked and surprised at how I felt.  Not groggy, could think more clearly and just felt better.  I booked more appointments with her because I finally felt that this was going to get me back to normal.  After each appointment I felt better and better and started to increase my work hours and started to go back to working out at the gym but at a slow pace until I felt less symptoms. After about 10 or so appointments I was back to work full time and started playing volleyball, working out at the gym 3 times per week and feel like me again.  Have started shooting hoops again but not played in a game because I’m a little hesitant about the contact with elbows, bodies etc. I would recommend Bowen Therapy treatment for concussion 100 percent!  In fact, I mention this to everyone who would listen and a co-worker who has had a bad back for years to the point that he could not tie his shoes when I was telling him about my testimonial made an appointment with my Bowen Therapist and after his second appointment stopped me in the hall and was so excited!  He was doing squats and deadlifts which he gave up because of his pain and was also playing soccer again at a very high level with no hesitation! My family and I can’t Thank our Bowen Therapist enough for all her help and patience for helping me through this injury and tough time.” Chris R 

“I suffered Grade 2 concussion, resulting from an accident. I experienced extreme nausea, fatigue, headache, confusion (times, dates, etc.), and loss of co – ordination. These symptoms lasted for several days after the accident. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to receive Bowen Therapy treatment. After a single 30 minute session I felt nausea, dizziness, and headache symptoms disappear. Three hours after the session my co-ordination was back to normal and the following day I felt my energy level increase to the maximum. I am extremely thankful to find out about Bowen Therapy as it helped me to resume my normal activities right away. I strongly recommend Bowen Therapy as it has proven itself as complete success to me.”- Katerina P

“…. In March of this year, I suffered my second concussion, which aggravated symptoms from my first concussion. I tried The Bowen Therapy to ease my discomfort. My first concussion in 1998 was a closed head injury with some permanent deficits. Since then I have had short term and long term memory loss, constant headaches, loss of balance, difficulty tracking, restricted movement of my head to the far right and pain at the base of my skull. My second concussion caused increased pressure in my head with increased headaches, worsened my balance and nausea. After my first treatment of Bowen, the pressure in my head was relieved resulting in the nausea disappearing. The second treatment my headaches were less, my balance better, my body was aligned again. I could turn my head fully to the right. The Bowen Therapist was very gentle in her technique. I have recommended her to everyone who has asked me how I have been feeling.”- Linda L 

“After a head injury, I had difficulty concentrating because of constant headaches and tension in my body.  A friend of mine recommended Bowen Therapy and after about 4 months of weekly sessions, my headaches and tension subsided, I can concentrate at work again.  After that, I continued to receive Bowen treatments every month, but not as a therapy, instead as a monthly treat for myself because it is so relaxing.  Of all my favorite things I treat myself, Bowen treatment is on top of the list!” Apollo T 

“After suffering two concussions within a year, I developed post-concussion syndrome (PCS) that persisted for many months. As someone who had always been involved with sports, PCS was particularly devastating. Being unable to elevate my heart rate past a certain threshold without experiencing debilitating headaches and dizziness made it near impossible to exercise lightly, let the alone participate in the level of athletic activity I was used to. The lack of treatment opportunities for PCS was very frustrating, and I had almost given up hope until I found Bowen Therapy. After one session of Bowen Therapy, I noticed an improved sense of overall physical balance and measurable pain relief. I received a total of six sessions, at which point the worst of my symptoms either been significantly reduced, or were gone entirely, to the point where I was able to return to athletic pursuits. Bowen Therapy provided immediate results that had been so elusive after months of searching. I would highly recommend Bowen Therapy to athletes suffering from PCS and eager to return to sport, or to anyone who has suffered a head injury.” Jesse L

“I had sustained a head injury (approximately 10 months prior to receiving Bowen Therapy) leaving me with typical  concussion symptoms (headache, vertigo, nausea, loss of concentration, etc), chronic pain in my shoulders, upper back, neck and head.  I was only able to perform my job duties for no more than 2-hour time intervals.  Lying down and sitting were almost unbearable.  I had tried chiropractic care (3-months), physiotherapy (6-months), cranial-sacral therapy (3 sessions), and massage therapy (3-months).  I had gone to one Bowen session on the weekend and then returned to my physiotherapy session on the Tuesday.  My physiotherapist could not believe the difference.  After almost 6 months of physiotherapy the only progress I had was increasing the amount of time I could be in a traction movement.  After just one session of Bowen I was able to regain movement in my neck.  After six sessions the pain in my shoulders began to subside, I was able to sit at a desk for longer periods, concentration increased and I had my first full night’s sleep in many months.  At this point I had given up all hope and had resided to the fact that I would live the rest of my life in constant pain and would never being able to concentrate for long periods of time.  I now have low grade pain that only sometimes comes to a moderate level with long-term excursion.  My concentration levels have returned and I am able to function fully at my job.  It has taken some extra work such as weight lifting and yoga to regain muscle loss and flexibility I had before the accident, but I feel that I would have never reached this level of health again without the use of Bowen Therapy.”  Tanya P. 

"While competing in varsity cheerleading I was involved in an accident in which I sustained a concussion. My symptoms were: headaches, dizziness, and light sensitivity. I also couldn’t move my arm above my shoulders or move my neck side to side. A friend suggested that Bowen Therapy could help and so I thought I would give it a try. After one Bowen session on my head and neck and I felt so good afterwards. I was able to move my neck from side to side and also was able to move my arm above my shoulders that same night. It was amazing. Over the next couple of days I didn’t notice my head hurting or the dizziness that I experienced before the treatment.  The Bowen treatment was an excellent choice to do and helped me out a lot.” Kelly W

If you are experiencing a concussion and would like to try Bowen Therapy to be rid of the symptoms then feel free to contact me. I’ve helped many suffering from this condition. 

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