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Bowen Therapy Client Testimonial

PAIN-FREE Decades After Severe Car Accident!

Bowen Technique Patient Testimonial    Bowen Therapy Patient Testimonial    Bowen Therapy Treatment Toronto

It is not unusual these days for friends and acquaintances who have not seen me for several years to not immediately recognize me.  The obvious weight loss is immediately noticeable and prompts people to ask what I have been doing.  While the weight loss is a factor, however, what is amazing to them (and to me, as well) is that over the past several years I have reclaimed my life in many other ways.  

A serious highway traffic accident in 1979 left me with major injuries to my neck, both legs, and one foot.  In the subsequent years, follow-up surgeries, physiotherapy, chiropractic adjustments and other treatments were able to help me regain some measure of mobility.  However, as the years went by, significant leg-length discrepancies resulting from the accident and other misalignments from knee and foot injuries, began to impact more and more severely on my mobility.  Chronic pain meant that for years I did not know what it was to move without significant discomfort.  Some mornings, my feet and legs hurt so much, it was almost impossible to get from the bed to the bathroom.  Back pain, accompanied by hip, knee, leg and foot pain, became a constant companion.  Walking even short distances was very difficult, even on the best of days.  As my mobility lessened, my weight increased, compounding an already-serious health issue.  While my weight had been a factor from childhood, the constant pain and the decreasing mobility contributed to my weight skyrocketing to an all-time high. 

When I first heard of Bowen Therapy through the medical clinic I use, I was at a point where I was resigned to living with constant pain.  While I had never really verbalized the thought, my fear was that before too long, walking would become so difficult, that I would begin to need to use a wheelchair.  Not a pleasant thought!  I decided to try Bowen (I had already tried everything else, it seemed) and that decision has led me to where I am today - healthier, happier and, for the first time in many years, free of pain.

Because there is no Bowen practitioner in my community, I had to avail of treatments twice yearly, when Sharon Walsh visited for several weeks.  After my first series of five or six treatments, I could already feel a difference.  The neuro-muscular-skeletal realignment which Bowen promised seemed to have begun.  I was slowly able to begin walking again, starting with ten minutes and increasing slowly.  Over the next two years, with a twice-yearly series of five or six treatments, I could feel my body realign itself.  For the first time in about 25 years, my body felt as though both sides were balanced.  Movement became easier and the pain, which had been my constant companion forever, it seemed, slowly disappeared, as did the weight.  Over a two-year period, I lost more than 100 lb. and gained more mobility than I had ever thought possible.  The 10-minute walks slowly increased to where I could undertake two or three hour hikes.  The pain in my back, hips, knees, legs and foot went away.  Only someone who has lived with chronic pain and knows what it is like to experience pain with every step can really understand the life-altering magnitude of such a change.  My life was back!

Four series of treatments over a two-year period brought me to a point where only rarely do I feel any pain at all.  Stiffness and discomfort indicate that it is time for a “tune-up”, as I like to call it, in the form of two or three Bowen sessions.  These days, I no longer have to search for a close parking spot or queue for the elevator; in fact, my new-found mobility has encouraged other work colleagues to begin taking the stairs in our office building.   I would never have thought it possible, but at the age of 51, for the first time ever, I joined a friend for a walk to and from Signal Hill – one of the steepest walks I have ever undertaken.  Since that time, I have walked not only that particular trail, but many others besides.  For me, there certainly is life after 50 – and Bowen has been a very big part of that. 

Marie-Louise Greene   
St. John's, Newfoundland
July 20th, 2008    

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