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Holistic Health Services for Pain & Stress Relief

 Pain Relief Therapies  - Powerful modalities that help to restore structural and energetic balance to the body.

"The combination of Bowen Therapy with Laser, Scenar and Microcurrent Stimulation is proving over and over again to me to be a powerful combination for eliminating pain - boasting a 95% success rate for musculo-skeletal acute and chronic pain issues." Sharon Walsh
Pain Relief Wellness Clinic Toronto
Bowen Therapy                     

Laser Therapy                   
       Scenar Therapy 
       Microcurrent Stimulation Therapy 
       Scar Release Therapy 

       The Dorn Method



Aroma Therapies - Sessions, Products & Training

Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Treatments Toronto     
Young Living Essential Oils

Nutrition Bioscan

     Consult & Custom Products

     Raindrop Technique

Vitaflex Technique

NeuroAuricular Technique

Aroma Lymphatic Massage

Raindrop Technique Training

Young Living Seminars


 Energy Healing  Therapies - Help to restore balance and energetic integrity to the body-field matrix.
energy Healing Therapies Toronto
      Reconnective Healing          


        Access Consciousness Bars   

        Axiatonal Alignment          

        Etheric Energy 

        Litios Intuitive Light Body Reading & Spiritual Healing

        Colour Therapy


Frequency Healing Salon State-of-the-art devices that help to restore balance and well-being.

Energy Medcine Healing Toronto       John of God Crystal Bed           

Trinfinity8 Anti-Aging & Rejuvenation  

         Sound Frequency Therapy

Amethyst Biomat     

         Ionic Cleanse Foot Detox

       Shambhala Meditation Healing                 

         MRS-2000 Magnetic Resonance                                

         Chi Machine



 Wellness Consultation -  Delivers a personalized natural health program with simple, effective solutions unique to your needs.... natural solutions you can live with. A variety of consultation services are offered.

Holistic Healing Wellness Centre                                  
       Holistic Health Consult     

        Infinity Biofeedback   

        Wellness Bioscan           

       Aroma Consult           

       Bach Flower 

        Source Energy Medicine


Frequency Healing Salon   

How the program works is yAlternative medicine Clinic Torontoou drop in to do your own self-care healing.
You are shown how to operate the various devices and you decide which Frequency Healing devices you wish to use in your session. 

Distant Healing

One-on-One & Group Sessions
Home & Space Clearings
Pet Sessions

Distant Healing SPECIAL OFFER
14 sessions for $140

Package Specials 


$50 Detox Intro Offer

Custom Vibrational Remedies

Contains the vibration of energy imprint of numerous natural or energetic components that helps to restore harmony to the body. Created according to your personal needs addressing issues on the physical, emotional,  mental and spiritual levels. 

Referral  Program 

Earn $20 when you refer!        

Gift Certificates Available
Give the Gift of Healing

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